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 h English (en)* In the '''Add nodes''' extension, closed paths were previously changed to open paths, and an erroneous node was added. Other and third-party extension will probably profit from the underlying bugfix as well ([ MR extensions#336], [ Issue extensions#209]).
* The live preview of the '''Calendar''' extension now works ([ MR extensions#394]).
* Multiple bugs in the '''DXF import''' extension were fixed, such as a loss of layering information ([ MR extensions#410], [ Issue extensions#377]), and import of inserted blocks that have been rotated and flipped ([ MR extensions#411]), extruded elements and multiline text ([ MR extension#432], [ Issue extensions#286]). An incorrect unit in the documentation has been exchanged ([ MR extensions #358]).
* When using the '''DXF Outline (R12)''' export, elements in nested groups are now exported correctly ([ MR extensions#347], [ Issue extensions#382]). It also doesn't include (invisible) paths contained in clips and masks anymore ([ MR extensions#440], [ Issue extensions#381]) and documents are exported with the correct scale when scale is different than 1 ([ MR extensions#466], [ Issue extensions#443])
* The '''DXF14 export''' now shows a better error message in case of a very, very deeply nested SVG document ([ MR extensions#442], [ Issue extensions#360]). Also a warning message regarding the Robo-Master spline option has been added ([ MR extensions#439], [ Issue extensions#225]).
* A crash in the '''Embed image''' extension has been fixed, in which images were erroneously determined as missing by the extension ([ MR extensions#461], [ Issue extensions#441]).
* The '''Extensions Manager''' is now shipped with Inkscape and doesn't download itself automatically anymore ([ MR extensions#421]).
* On Windows, the '''Extract image''' extension now correctly links the extracted files ([ MR extensions#461]).
* The slicing positions in the '''Guillotine''' extension are now correct, they were previously off following the flip of the y axis in Inkscape 1.0 ([ MR extensions#334], [ Issue extensions#269]).
* In '''GCodetools''', multiple crashes have been fixed ([ MR extensions#335], [ Issue extensions#312]; [ MR extensions#307], [ Issue extensions#322]; [ MR extensions#388], [ Issue extensions#276]), however this module is currently unmaintained and in need of attention. '''Contributions are highly welcome!''' For this reason, the module has been given it's own repository ([ MR extensions#402]).
* The Hue Level in the '''HSL Adjust''' extension now has a range of 360 ([ MR extensions#400])
* The '''HTML5 canvas export''' now works better with non-Inkscape SVG documents ([ MR extensions#467]). Exported files also now have correct output for closed paths and objects with transparency ([ MR extensions#345], [ Issue extensions#332]).
* The '''Interpolate extensions''' (Interpolate and interpolate attribute) have been completely rewritten and multiple issues have been fixed ([ MR extensions#240]).
* The '''JPEG export''' previously converted a transparent background to black ([ Issue extensions#366]). Now, the document background color is used ([ MR #3994]). This also affects the other Raster export extensions. Additionally, the JPEG export now works with even larger resolutions ([ Issue inbox#6522], [ MR extensions#445]).
* Several bugs in the '''Formula (pdflatex)''' extension have been fixed,  such as incorrect insertion position ([ Issue extensions#339]) and random character substitution in documents with many formulae ([ MR extensions#453]). The extension now also works on Windows if the user name is longer than 8 characters ([ MR extensions#448], [ Issue extensions#287]). 
* A bug in the rotation sense of the '''Lindenmayer''' extension has been fixed ([ MR extensions#437], [ LP issue 1094627])
* The '''Motion''' extension now gives better results for paths with multiple closed subpaths ([ Issue extensions#266]) and when the selected element is part of a transformed group. ([ MR extensions#317]).
* The '''Optimized PNG export''' doesn't crash anymore when running it with default parameters ([ MR extensions#463], [ Issue extensions#395])
* A useless warning message when using '''Optimized SVG''' output was removed ([ MR extensions#368] , [ Issue extensions#428])
* The '''Pixel snap''' extension now aligns objects to the coordinate system starting at the top left of the page. The previous behavior, snapping them to a grid aligned with the page bottom, can be activated in the settings ([ MR extensions#429], [ Issue extensions#264]). A bug related to inconsistent unit conversion has been fixed as well.
* Several bugs in the '''PostScript (PS) / EPS import''' have been adressed: It now handles file names with non-latin characters ([ MR extensions#408], [ Issue extensions#281]) on Windows and doesn't rotate the image anymore if the majority of the text is not oriented left-to-right ([ MR extensions#457] and [ Issue extensions#258]). Also a clearer error message is shown for invalid PS/EPS files ([ MR extensions#454], [ Issue extensions#404])
* In the '''Randomize Colors''' extension, shapes with unset opacity are not ignored anymore ([ MR extensions#331] [ Issue extensions#236]).
* A crash in the '''Render Polyhedron''' extension when attempting to render a custom object defined by its edges has been fixed ([ MR extensions#390] , [ Issue extensions#408]).
* The '''Replace Color''' extension now processes colors in RGBA space ([ Issue extensions#392], [ Issue extensions#419]).
* The "Tangential Offset" parameter of the '''Scatter''' extension is now a percentage of the pattern width, and an issue with nested groups has been resolved ([ MR extensions#327]). Another issue where the spacing was off when using the "stretch" mode has also been fixed ([ MR extensions#327]).
* The '''Synfig export''' now exports objects that are not paths (such as rectangles, texts, circles) correctly again ([ Issue extensions#198]); and paths with multiple subpaths are converted correctly ([ Issue extensions#197]) ([ MR extensions#462]).
* The '''TIFF export''' now also works on Linux ([ MR extensions#458], [ Issue extensions#422])
* In the '''Visualize Path''' extensions '''Measure Path''' and '''Number Nodes''', the results are now correct also when the parent of the selected object is transformed ([ MR extensions#314], [ Issue extensions#171]).
* A crash in the '''Voronoi Diagram''' extension when applied to non-Inkscape documents has been fixed ([ MR extensions#313], [ Issue extensions#222]), and the output is now correct independent of the document unit ([ Issue extensions#403], [ MR extensions#382]).
* The '''Webslicer''' extension now correctly cleans up its temporary files ([ MR extensions#436])