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 h English (en)* In the '''Add nodes''' extension, you can now choose the unit of the segment length ([ MR extensions#346], [ Issue extensions#127]).
* The Color tab of the '''Calendar''' now uses a color chooser widget instead of asking for Hex values ([ MR extensions#355], [ Issue extensions#396]).
* The '''Extrude''' extension has been rewritten ([ MR extensions#386]). It includes a new mode, "Snug", where the boundary of the extruded rectangle follows the source paths. 'Extrude' now handles paths with multiple subpaths and doesn't require conversion of rectangles or circles to path anymore ([ Issue extensions#190]). The extruded shapes are inserted in between the two selected elements in stacking order, which is more useful than the previous behavior (inserting after the first selected element).
* The '''Formula (pdflatex)''' equation has been made more user-friendly. It now features a font size selector, a field to specify preamble contents, better support for scaled documents and better error messages on compile errors ([ MR extensions#453]). 
* The '''Frame''' extension has been rewritten and now supports additional options, such as elliptical frames, offset frame and putting the fill below the object ([ MR extensions#430], [ Issue extensions#214]).
* The '''Motion''' extension now has an option to take the extrusion color and opacity from the selected path ([ MR extensions#317]).
* Document Info ([ MR extensions#401]) and Guides creator ([ MR extensions#424]) extensions were adjusted to work with '''multi-page documents'''
* The '''Guides Creator''' extension, now also features an option that avoids creating duplicate guides, and an option for alternating margins for even and odd pages ([ MR extensions#424]) .
* The '''Split text''' extension has been rewritten and now supports manual kerning ([ Issue extensions#142]) and SVG2 flowed text ([ Issue extensions#257]) ([ MR extensions#326]).
* '''QRCodes''' with a maximum size of 177x177 can now be created, which allows to encode up to about 2 standard pages of text. Instead of the well-known black rectangular tiles, the extension can now also tile clones of a selected object ([ MR extensions#394], [ Issue extensions#150]).