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 h English (en)* '''PDF/LaTeX export''' now places SVG2 texts correctly in the exported .tex file ([ Bug #2300])
* '''Tutorial files''' now open as templates, so you won't get an error message when trying to save the tutorial (to its installation location), but will instead be asked for the save location ( MR #2354)
* New arcs, chords and circle segments show up again in other programs than Inkscape ([ Bug #2489])
* Clipped objects now respect the '''antialiasing''' setting on export ([ Bug #1921])
* Inkscape no longer freezes when trying to '''import a PDF''' that uses multiple color spaces ([ Bug #1878])
* In '''embedded JavaScript''', Inkscape no longer messes with the contents of <code>xlink:href</code> ([ Bug #1958])
* When '''batch-exporting PNG images''', the export path selection is no longer greyed out (but only the directory portion of it will be used, plus the path IDs as file names) ([ Bug #1894])
* When '''batch-exporting PNG images''', the number of selected objects updates correctly now ([ MR #2829])
* The '''Plot extension''' works again on macOS Big Sur ([ Bug inbox#4547])