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 h English (en)* when exporting a file containing an object clipped with a filtered object to PDF ([] Bug #203)
* when deleting the <code>d</code> attribute in the XML editor ([ MR #2722])
* when zooming in on a heavily filtered object in large files ([ MR #2965])
* when clipping a raster image with a shape, using the setting to 'Put every clipped/masked object in its own group' ([ Bug #1912])
* when changing the document scale in files without a viewbox ([ Bug #2201])
* when rotating a rectangle slowly with snapping turned on ([ Bug #194]
* when trying to use shapes with various Live Path Effects in Boolean operations ([ Bug #2321])
* when opening a file containing a group that uses a filter with large filter region ([ Bug #1786])
* when opening a file containing a linked SVG image with no height, width or viewbox ([ Bug #800])
* when opening a file that uses <code>currentColor</code> for the stop of a gradient ([ Bug #1568])
* when trying to link or embed an invalid file ([ Bug #3951])
* when undoing the work of the Spray tool ([ Bug #1656])
* when importing a PDF file with special characters (like é or ä) in its name ([ Bug #1622])
* when importing a PDF file, which happened inconsistently ([ Bug #1729])
* when using extensions while an object without id attribute is selected ([ Bug inbox#4756])
* when removing a Live Path Effect ([ MR #3064])
* when undoing a node edit on an object with the PowerMask LPE ([ Bug #2149])
* when pasting the Corners Live Path Effect onto another object ([ Bug #2113])
* when using the node tool while adding the Corners LPE to an object ([ Bug #1940])
* when adding the Perspective LPE to a purely horizontal / vertical path ([ Bug #2185])
* when closing Inkscape while the Connector tool was drawing a connection ([ Bug #2031])
* when closing a file while the 3D box tool is active and then drawing a box in the next file ([ Bug #2002])
* when opening a trash file that could not be opened ([ MR #2780])
* when closing Inkscape after ungrouping a group that contains items with certain path effects ([ MR #2465])
* when closing an Inkscape window, if Inkscape was built with adress sanitizer support ([ MR #2528])
* … and many more crashes