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 h English (en)* '''Documentation for developers''' was updated and improved continuously, helping developers better understand other people's code
* '''Refactoring:''' Outdated code was updated continuously, making it easier to handle the code moving forwards. This includes a continued effort to convert old C code to modern C++, removing dead code and rewriting parts of the code in a more modern way.
* '''Code formatting''' was improved continuously, improving readability of the code
* '''Continuous integration''' was updated and improved continuously, ensuring that each code change will be tested automatically and can be reviewed by bug reporters before it is included into the main line code, also keeping up with changes in GitLab, AppVeyor and other infrastructure that is used by Inkscape
* Improvements were made to the '''build system''', so Inkscape can be built on more Linux, Windows and macOS versions, keeping up with changes in software libraries that Inkscape depends upon
* Many '''tests''' were added and improved, reducing the risk of accidental loss of functionality
* The '''conversion process from <code>verb</code>s to <code>action</code>s''' was continued
* '''Running test versions on Windows''' was simplified by '''adding shortcuts''' to the top level folder: <code>Run Inkscape !.bat</code>, <code>Run Inkscape and create debug trace.bat</code>, <code>Run Inkscape with GTK Inspector.bat</code> ([ Bug inbox#4615])