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 h English (en)<gallery mode="packed" heights=450px>
File:Themes.gif|''Switching themes on-the-fly''|alt=Switching themes on-the-fly
File:Tango icons.png|''Light theme with Tango icon set''|alt=Light theme and Tango icon set
File:Hicolor icons.png|''Light theme with hicolor icon set''|alt=Light theme and hicolor icon set
File:Dark with symbolic icons.png|''Dark theme with symbolic icon set''|alt=Dark theme and symbolic icon set
File:Dark symbolic custom color.png|''Dark theme with symbolic icon set and a custom icon color''|alt=Dark theme with custom colored symbolic icon set
File:Multicolor icon set.png|''New Multicolor icon set on dark theme''|alt=New Multicolor icon set on dark theme