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  • ...ges, and I'd like it if Inkscape could try to follow the GIMP on this one. The whole previous/next zoom idea seems really weird to me. ...only ''Show'' rather than ''Show/Hide'' and I think this is recommended by the Gnome Human Interface Guidelines.
    969 bytes (162 words) - 08:40, 28 July 2012
  • ...n using Inkscape for quite a while and have always found it fantastic! One thing I have found though, is that while some parts of Inkscape are brilliantly d One such part is the part I use most, the Fill and Stroke Dialog. This was also picked up recently by this blog post
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  • # Lack of padding around the contents and between widgets make everything feel a bit 'squashed' # This is a lot of space needed for just one thing
    645 bytes (110 words) - 10:50, 15 April 2011
  • * Inkscape has the greatest and friendliest community of users and developers I've ever seen. * Inkscape makes you proud of the things you produce.
    2 KB (360 words) - 09:24, 5 May 2009
  • The porpouse of the Grouping Feature is to better organize the number of objects. - ctrl + select tool to select an element without changing the group itself
    2 KB (366 words) - 10:17, 31 March 2012
  • ...Inkscape Wiki account opened for you. To do so, post an E-mail message to the [ inkscape-d ...try linked from that page are a great way to continually add new topics to the site.
    3 KB (577 words) - 07:09, 26 March 2017
  • This doc try help devs undertand the output of the canvas rendering flag enabled pefdormance output. ...ers that has some multitherading capabilities, but relay on main thread at the end.
    4 KB (556 words) - 13:23, 11 October 2019
  • An "action" is a thing that Inkscape can do. In its simplest form, it contains two things: * The name of the action (e.g., "ObjectFlipHorizontally")
    4 KB (688 words) - 05:41, 24 May 2020
  • ...a bit of research. It is incredibly powerful and definitely competes with the leading commercial vector based applications. ...hing, and you want a nice clean 'inked' look. go Vector instead of raster, the finished product resembles inked paper perfectly.
    2 KB (307 words) - 22:51, 3 May 2009
  • ...W3C Link to EMCAScript - SVG]. This would be a great shortcut to accessing the SVG structure for non XML geeks ;) a language which sucks in new users at a phenominal rate, and provides the [ Boost] [
    5 KB (820 words) - 14:53, 26 December 2012
  • ...this provides the routines to insert the SVG element into the XML tree of the SVG document, for more info on these is available at [[Python modules for e ...needs a black rectangle with no stroke, but another may need a way to set the stroke width, dashes and opacity. Thus, it is often best to write your own
    7 KB (1,080 words) - 20:56, 6 November 2017
  • I will focus on the techniques I used to develop this game. ...e, I have drawn the handheld console and all of the sprites that appear in the grey LCD display.
    3 KB (572 words) - 16:38, 12 January 2015
  • ...ich attests to the ease of it's learning curve. The immaculate resolution, the scalability and ability to add intricate detail is addictive. I haven't fou ...with Inkscape's tools. Likewise, the fewer nodes you create, the smoother the object and lines, and easier to render.
    3 KB (448 words) - 02:10, 6 May 2009
  • '''The Inkscape Object Manager''' '''A hybrid of the XML Editor and Item Properties dialog.. mixed in with a bit of love.'''
    5 KB (725 words) - 05:50, 13 July 2016
  • ...ter organization to the toolbar of inkscape without effecting the space of the workarea itself. Buttons has been divided by function and shaped/positioned to underline the type of function they shoul do.
    4 KB (695 words) - 10:23, 31 March 2012
  • ...s, they are confusingly named, and their functions overlap. We must reduce the number of dialogs to a manageable amount and reorganize them. Here's my pla == Detachable toolbars in the document window ==
    3 KB (519 words) - 05:47, 13 July 2016
  • ...torial]||"A video tutorial designed to introduce novice users to Inkscape, the open source vector graphics editor." ...g mirrored text using Inkscape. The sound should be better since I'm using the Logitech headset I just bought."
    4 KB (633 words) - 04:55, 20 June 2017
  • Any selected object or group of objects could be split along the line drawn by the "razor" tool. This is essentially a combo of adding a node, breaking a line
    4 KB (609 words) - 20:12, 28 December 2012
  • ...of this type is that they use very simplified drawing models that restrict the user or they use a specially designed protocol that requires special set up ...cture of this document, and has events occur when this model is changed by the user. When this occurs, a message can be sent to another instance of Inksc
    4 KB (626 words) - 12:52, 31 March 2012
  • ...lso have one or two ''handles'' - these are the small circles connected to the node to adjust bezier tangents. *# the arrows around the selected object in selector (scale handles, rotation handles);
    4 KB (660 words) - 23:38, 8 January 2012
  • various email threads]. The project is to use a Distributed Version Control System instead of subversio ...which is likely to be useful for feature work or Summer of Code work while the core is refactored
    4 KB (613 words) - 20:08, 4 January 2012
  • ...order to add a verb, and only a minimal knowledge of Inkscape internals. The aim of this page is to provide novice coders with a "paint by numbers" proc The place of the ID in the list determines to which group it belongs
    5 KB (789 words) - 05:37, 13 July 2016
  • ...oolbar has become a monstrosity. This page is for discussing how to rework the toolbar into something more usable. * Move some of the options to mini-dialogs.
    5 KB (796 words) - 12:07, 20 July 2019
  • ...ed on a per-guide basis and has lagged a bit behind the overall quality of the software. My points for this argument are: ...ialog for every editing, breaking the workflow. Also, is inconsistent with the way dock tabs work (much less obstructive).
    6 KB (960 words) - 10:48, 31 March 2012
  • * Simplify ResourceManager... it does only one thing: fix broken links. * Evaluate all the functions in io/sys.h/.cpp. See if we can't use standard glib functions.
    3 KB (535 words) - 05:37, 24 May 2020
  • See also the [[SVG_Animation_UI|UI ideas page]] (specific to SMIL animation). SVG specification]. Animation in SVG conforms to the [ SMIL specification]
    15 KB (2,295 words) - 08:56, 28 February 2011
  • The following schematic tries to explain how LPE work. The original style and path are from the path that the effect is applied on. The output is what is visible on screen. What is very important to notice is th
    8 KB (1,255 words) - 22:05, 28 February 2012
  • Most animation controls are based on the ways that traditional animators plan out their animation. ...ettes using a gradient bar to display the color change over time. See also the discussion at [[Animation-(Timeline)]]
    6 KB (983 words) - 07:47, 6 January 2012
  • Inkscape supports a single <tt>&lt;style&gt;</tt> element in the document. If there is more than one style element, Inkscape will pick one t ...handling is tied to the document so that all style sheets are evaluated at the same time.
    6 KB (1,063 words) - 12:28, 11 August 2017
  • This area is for listing the bugs which should be fixed before the 1.0 release of Inkscape. This suggestion list is based on the idea that our 1.0 release should be released as if it were a commercial-gra
    10 KB (1,530 words) - 17:24, 14 June 2019
  • ...Inkscape is tracing straight lines or broken line if there is an shape in the path, but lines go in any direction. I do not speak yet about the functionality of making a little "bridge" when two lines cross each others
    6 KB (1,062 words) - 10:41, 21 September 2013
  • This node discusses the basics of using SVN. ==== The Repository ====
    7 KB (1,209 words) - 04:39, 10 July 2016
  • '''Note:''' The instructions in this wiki are out of date and do not work anymore. This pag # Follow the ''Installation'' and ''Configuration'' steps of guide [http://wiki.bazaar.c
    8 KB (1,323 words) - 10:31, 5 March 2015
  • We've got the most important part of layers implemented now; a group can be turned into a the group itself (i.e. by clicking or rubber-banding). To fulfill all the expectations for layers, there are still some things we need to take into a
    7 KB (1,231 words) - 11:45, 23 August 2010
  • ...r, consistent vision of how the code should work which is still evident in the Inkscape code base. ...f doing the same thing as people instead of reusing existing code reinvent the wheel.
    5 KB (634 words) - 13:05, 23 January 2018
  • === The C++ification Process === Here's the approach to "C++ification" (that is, converting GObject/NRObject classes to
    6 KB (1,014 words) - 16:39, 1 March 2012
  • ...t precise, and to enable the same color to be seen on different computers, the general idea of [ color spaces] co the [ La*b* color space] or the [ CIEXYZ color space]. Th
    7 KB (1,177 words) - 02:35, 9 January 2018
  • This node discusses the basics of using CVS. Also see [ C For complete on information CVS, including the basics, see:
    9 KB (1,453 words) - 15:56, 22 June 2017
  • ...the signal when it changes state. When a signal is emitted, the slots from the signal's slot list are executed, and sometimes a result is returned. ...m using some advanced features. Wrapping them all in accessors isn't worth the hassle.
    11 KB (1,751 words) - 23:57, 9 March 2014
  • ... branch]. The main features were added, but finishing, testing, reviewing and polishing a Initial code replaced with the patch in
    14 KB (2,262 words) - 12:32, 7 September 2011
  • This page documents the philosophy for Units handling inside Inkscape. Units are not as straight-fo ...ality it is usually not what one wanted. Eventually, after long arguments, the CSS working group dictated that one inch would be fixed to 96 pixels regard
    9 KB (1,575 words) - 16:54, 22 December 2019
  • == Inkscape and the SVG Working Group == ...rves as a gathering point for ideas on how the standard can be improved to the benefit of Inkscape.
    7 KB (1,130 words) - 06:19, 20 June 2010
  • Goal 0: SVG compatibility. A perspective object must look the same in Batik. ...jects and the envelope parameters, and regenerate the view whenever any of the two changes. In other words, a perspective must be an object, not a one-tim
    9 KB (1,479 words) - 22:42, 8 June 2012
  • ...execution at the point of where the exception is thrown, without unwinding the stack, so you can get a backtrace! - w32 version asks for (that crappy) Verdana typeface (which is not the most usual w32 typeface, also some users have deleted it to save disk space
    9 KB (1,464 words) - 07:47, 25 November 2019
  • * Flesh out each category of functions in the API with ideas for what the functions should be * Solidify the underlying Extension infrastructure [Ted]
    7 KB (1,021 words) - 05:53, 13 July 2016
  • this file, it's advisable to consult the [[Doxygen documentation]] for the Inkscape::Preferences class. ...fault_Values_on_Microsoft_Windows Default Values on Microsoft Windows] for the location of %APPDATA%)
    11 KB (1,819 words) - 18:19, 4 January 2012
  • ...nline version), interactive offline version available via the Help menu in the Inkscape program. Inkscape developers mailing list, or the docs mailing list]
    11 KB (1,948 words) - 12:16, 15 March 2016
  •</b>, as well as multi-level grayscale tracing, is now possible with the built-in tracer. ...h a document. The <i>user unit</i> (px) of SVG is fully supported and made the default.
    15 KB (2,413 words) - 14:42, 5 August 2016
  • <h2>Using the Connector tool</h2> ...path. When the shape is moved the connector will update itself to follow the shape. In addition, connectors will avoid objects marked as 'avoided' and
    12 KB (1,995 words) - 15:21, 7 May 2012
  • = Interview with the team on Inkscape 0.46 = ...really possible to talk to everyone who participated at the preparation of the shiny new Inkscape 0.46 release.
    27 KB (4,597 words) - 17:23, 2 December 2011

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