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  • * [ Using Inkscape's repositories] * Emacs's po-mode (contained in the gettext distribution; the version in po-utils is
    10 KB (1,557 words) - 00:14, 1 February 2021
  • ::By the way, be prepared for a possible flame from Gnome developers. Here's what Havoc Pennington writes in his book: ...ference.) Summary: It's "raise on click" behaviour in window managers that's "almost unusable", not marking palettes as non-transient. --Sunnan, 2006-02
    15 KB (2,512 words) - 22:24, 12 August 2007
  • Inkscape's release process works like this: - Three days are allowed for creating release dists (rpm's, deb's, exe's, and autopackages).
    11 KB (1,776 words) - 10:33, 7 August 2017
  • ...ます。ただし、その記号を表示できるフォントがインストールされていなければなりません。フォントにそのグリフがなければ、プレースホルダとして<s>豆腐</s>四角形が表示されます。 Inkscape 0.91 より「ものさしツール」(コマンドバーの 5 個めのボタン。または "M" を押下) が提供されました。ものさしツールでは、キャ
    91 KB (2,139 words) - 19:18, 28 November 2016
  • add new features, think about layers a la gimp. Sketch uses them and it's very convenient. ...he Gimp 1.3 series, would be very wanted and usefull? Similar to how Adobe's Photoshop and Illustrator have a similar GUI concept?
    18 KB (3,173 words) - 00:22, 1 April 2007
  • <CRogers> I can't, but I don't think I'm using the latest trunk. <su_v> and it's only via button in fill&stroke? adding a mesh gradient with the mesh tool d
    24 KB (4,103 words) - 11:21, 6 December 2016
  • This page documents Inkscape's implementation of SVG 2 mesh gradients. Please don't hesitate to improve th * enable the hidden feature by adding Alt-M (or any other available) shortcut to inkscape/keys/default.xml (Preferences
    5 KB (811 words) - 12:07, 8 October 2020
  • ...ks to work on entire layers. Adobe Illustrator has a similar feature that's described and demonstrated in the third page of [ ...tgif] is the ability to quickly halve or double the grid size. In tgif it's done by left or right click on the ruler. Lastly, some feedback would be g
    28 KB (4,555 words) - 13:06, 31 March 2012
  • is the result of an on-going process of planning a refactor of Inkscape's text handling. A number of changes we should make to Inkscape's code even if it is not completely rewritten.
    26 KB (4,194 words) - 15:19, 6 April 2021
  • Let's look at a simple Python function for drawing a black rectangle: 'd' : 'M '+str(x1)+','+str(y1)+' L '+str(x2)+','+str(y2)}
    7 KB (1,080 words) - 20:56, 6 November 2017
  • ...s and a code generator (cxxtestgen) is used to generate the necessary cpp('s). Buildtool can reasonably easily be extended to support this. ...h an asterisk are new (at least their CxxTest versions). Files marked with S exist but only contain a stub (with perhaps one or two tests).
    20 KB (3,307 words) - 10:35, 31 March 2012
  • ...d up properly using clean Gtkmm. You'll probably find, though, that Gtkmm's packing toolkit makes visual form layout editing unnecessary. ...widgets, using get_widget_derived(). Even if you aren't sure about that, I'm sure that you have lots of completely static dialog boxes for which you cou
    12 KB (2,000 words) - 19:34, 29 February 2012
  • At the top there's an area that shows general information about the image, along with a thumbn ...e object ID, change the resolution of the image and use the original image's aspect ratio.
    14 KB (2,262 words) - 12:32, 7 September 2011
  • IMG. Mount the IMG, and put the .pkg files into the chroot somewhere. I'm using /mnt/apple. Okay, finally. Now we can figure out what's going where.
    6 KB (1,001 words) - 20:49, 5 June 2014
  • * (DONE) Convert all xmp icons to svg's **(DONE, for .44) Redesign so it's not tabs-in-tabs
    13 KB (1,901 words) - 16:14, 7 April 2018
  • #print " Found %d in %s" % (rPathLen,cPathNode) usage: python [option] ... [-c cmd | -m mod | file | -] [arg] ...
    9 KB (1,058 words) - 06:41, 29 November 2009
  • ...e handle to the end of the guide segment, then repeat with the guide point's counterparts. This should help easily create seamless transitions. ...e to combine the best of both worlds with a "Dynamics preview" mode (so it's a preview of the dynamics, not of the pattern getting tiled):
    18 KB (2,877 words) - 07:54, 9 April 2012
  • ...xtensions, with a link to where it can be downloaded (and misc notes). It's part of a project to have all or as many extensions as possible available o ...her contain the vast majority of known Inkscape extensions. Although ~suv's list might be considered the most comprehensive:
    29 KB (3,903 words) - 08:46, 26 September 2018
  • ...dependencies like Cairo and Pixman can be landed independently of Inkscape's release schedule. ...eady has a CMYK tab in the Fill and Stroke dialog for doing this. Inkscape's also been able to output SVG files with "icc-color(...)" paint components[1
    36 KB (5,534 words) - 15:26, 3 June 2021
  • ...e 2d shape which is required to form a 3dcone (or truncated cone) after it's cut out (of whatever material). Documentation or to report a bug: http:// ...tion into SVG path using Python. More current version included in Inkscape's default extensions.
    17 KB (2,526 words) - 22:47, 24 October 2017

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