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Launchpad Entry: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/inkscape/+spec/sort-out-xara-xtreme-functions


This spec provides a listing of functionality in Xara but not in Inkscape. It also identifies which of the functionality would be worth implementing in Inkscape, with some prioritization suggestions.


Listing Xara-specific functionality is a first step towards actually gaining this functionality in Inkscape. By doing so, it will both ease transition of Xara users to Inkscape, and make Inkscape a better application.

List of Xara functionality not in Inkscape

-3-D tools for making things look 3-D. Some of these effects could be very difficult to draw manually.

-A user-friendly interface for changing perspective. The current perspective effect tool in inkscape is too slow and tedious. In Xara, there are special options, and nodes you can move and it is very easy.

-An option for having text, when put on a path, flip, so that it looks right-side-up on the bottom side of a circle.

-A tool to apply overall gradient transparency to an image with a special tool, instead of applying masking.

Tools in Xara I didn't really think about, but would be nice in Inkscape:

-Shadow tool for quickly making customized shadows. I've done it manually in Inkscape, but it is really nice in Xara.

-Support the .xar file type.

-Export jpegs and gifs.

-A tool for really easily making curved lines with nodes (not shaky, and hand drawn, but more click by click).

Other things I want in Inkscape:


-Run in Mac without X11

-Progressive blur without worrying about masking.

-More autoshapes