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Launchpad Entry: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/inkscape/+spec/lpe-plugins


Right now, LPEs are compiled and linked together with inkscape. It would be much nicer if LPEs can be compiled into libraries (dynamically linked libs) that Inkscape can load. Then people can download new LPEs from others independently of Inscape releases!

Release Note


Now, new LPEs only become available when a new Inkscape release is made. It would be much nicer if they were independent.

The LPE API is very small and simple. Yet it is powerful enough to make complicated effects. Because of the small and simple API, it is possible to make an "LPE develop package" with only a few header files in it, which can be linked as a DLL, and then put on some website for download for others.


User Interface

No changes. It should be invisible for the user whether an LPE is linked with inkscape, or loaded from a dll.

(Johan: I do think it should be visible, but subtly so, perhaps just a star behind the name. I think we should notify people somehow that the file will not work well if they send it to a buddy that does not have the plugin. Another idea is to have Inkscape suggest to visit a webpage with a list of plugins if the LPE name is not found in the user's installation.)

Back End

More ideas


  • (simple) rewrite Effect creation as proper factory, to which LPE's can register themselves. (Johan should do that, ping him)
  • clean up the LPE interface. This is important. Over time, some cruft has crept in, especially in the on-canvas visualization.