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Display Filters blueprint


Our world is a place where design you see on display can look very much different depending on where and by whom it is seen. So it should be possible to preview your work and see it the way target device or audience will see it.

Use cases include, but are not limited to:

  • CMYK live preview (what it looks like when printed on a specific printer)
  • color defects simulation (protanopy etc.)
  • gamma adjustment (1.8<->2.2 ie. mac<->windows)

Existing solutions

How it should work

A dockable dialog with a list of available filters and a stack of applied filters (imagine a combination of CMYK live preview + incandescent light + protanopy to simulate the look of design when it's printed, hanging on a wall and seen by a color blind person).



Ideally display filters should be pluggable so that somebody could come up and implement more weird and yet useful display filters like e.g. tungsten lighting simulation for cases when target audience is looking at your design in poor subway lighting :-) Which can possibly be done by just swapping ICC profiles.