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(New page: {| cellspacing="5" cellpadding="0" style="margin:0em 0em 1em 0em; border:1px solid #F3E533; background:#FCFFCD;width:100%" | here is the tutorial scratchpad for the Clipping/masking/patter...)
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==Part 2 (rename this)==
==Part 2 (rename this)==
==Part 3 (rename this)==
==Part 3 (rename this)==
==Part n (rename this)==

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here is the tutorial scratchpad for the Clipping/masking/patterns tutorial. When this gets to a level of "completeness" it will be converted into docbook xml format and commited to the SVN.

On images: please upload SVG format images. However, the PNG thumbs are not working properly on the wiki, so just provide a link to the uploaded SVG on the wiki.


Clipping, Masking and Patterns




Part 1 (rename this)

Part 2 (rename this)

Part 3 (rename this)

Part n (rename this)