SVG2 Text Bugs

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This page is to keep track of issues with Inkscape's SVG 2 Text implemention.


Alexandru Roman implemented support for SVG 2 Text as his GSoC project in 2017. His code can be found on GitLab. The main advantage of updating to SVG 2 Text is the ability to provide a natural SVG 1.1 fallback. SVG 2 Text has a few additional benefits like the ability to add a margin to a shape and the ability to exclude fill regions based on other shapes.


Rendering Tests

SVG 2 Files

SVG 2 files should be rendered correctly.

Shape Inside
Inline Size
Various Multiline

Old Inkscape Files

Old Inkscape files should be properly converted to the new format.

SVG 1.1 Fallback

Inkscape SVG 2 files should render correctly in browsers using SVG 1.1 fallback.

To test:

  1. Open SVG 2 rendering test file.
  2. Nudge to force fallback to be created then nudge back to original position.
  3. Save with new file name.
  4. Open with web browser.


  • Fallback uses 'text-align', should use 'text-anchor'.

Editing Tests

Known Bugs

GUI Improvements

Improvements to Inkscape's GUI.

Filling Shapes

  1. If a shape is selected in Text Tool mode, it should automatically be used for text in a shape.
  2. If multiple shapes are selected, they should be filled in order (of selection?, of z-order?).
  3. Dragging the mouse cursor creates a box to be filled. As this is implemented using the 'inline-size' property, it would be better to create two parallel lines to show the region that will be filled.