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This page is to keep track of issues with Inkscape's SVG 2 Text implemention.


Alexandru Roman implemented support for SVG 2 Text as his GSoC project in 2017. His code can be found on GitLab. The main advantage of updating to SVG 2 Text is the ability to provide a natural SVG 1.1 fallback. SVG 2 Text has a few additional benefits like the ability to add a margin to a shape and the ability to exclude fill regions based on other shapes.


Rendering Tests

SVG 2 Files

SVG 2 files should be rendered correctly.

Shape Inside
Inline Size
Various Multiline

Old Inkscape Files

Old Inkscape files should be properly converted to the new format (after any edit).

SVG 1.1 Fallback

Inkscape SVG 2 files should render correctly in browsers using SVG 1.1 fallback.

To test:

  1. Open SVG 2 rendering test file.
  2. Nudge to force fallback to be created then nudge back to original position.
  3. Save with new file name.
  4. Open with web browser.


  • Fallback uses 'text-align', should use 'text-anchor'.
  • 'dx' values incorrect (for 'text-align:justify').

Output files:

Editing Tests

To do...

Known Bugs

GUI Improvements

Improvements to Inkscape's GUI.

Filling Shapes

  1. If a shape is selected in Text Tool mode, it should automatically be used for text in a shape.
  2. If multiple shapes are selected, they should be filled in order (of selection?, of z-order?).
  3. Dragging the mouse cursor creates a box to be filled. As this is implemented using the 'inline-size' property, it would be better to create two parallel lines to show the region that will be filled.