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Google Summer of Code - Student Application Template for Inkscape

Thanks for considering joining Inkscape for your summer of code project! To help us in identifying you as a good candidate, we ask that you do a few things.

Inkscape Questions

  1. When did you first hear about Inkscape?
  2. What kind of drawings do you create with Inkscape?
  3. What other open-source tools do you use?
  4. Describe any participation by you in the Inkscape community (e.g. uploaded drawings, created tutorials, submitted bug reports, asked or answered questions on mailing lists or IRC).
  5. Describe any contributions you have made to Inkscape development (e.g. bug fixes, translations, packaging, testing).
  6. In exactly two sentences, why should we pick YOU?

About Yourself

  1. What is your name, email address, and irc nickname?
  2. Describe any plans you have for the summer in addition to GSoC (classes, thesis, job, vacation, etc.).
  3. What programming projects have you completed?
  4. What are your favorite programming tools (editor, etc.)?
  5. Describe any work on other open-source projects.
  6. List other GSoC projects you are applying to.


  1. Submit a drawing you have made with Inkscape. It doesn't have to be professional quality but it should show us that you know how to use Inkscape.
  2. Introduce yourself on the Inkscape developers mailing list, and post your project ideas for feedback, before submitting your application
  3. Checkout the Inkscape sourcecode through Bazaar and review it. Make sure you can compile and build Inkscape on your own PC!
  4. Find and fix two bugs in the Inkscape bug tracker. Create and upload patches for the bugs, and make sure we know to connect those bug fixes and your GSoC application. You can alternatively submit a patch that improves code unrelated to a bug.
  5. Prepare a detailed plan (with timetable) of the work you propose to do.