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This is a working document showing specific near-term tasks needed for achieving the numbered milestones. It is not a wishlist of features to be included in future releases. Because people often work on whatever they feel like, only the current and current+1 releases should be taken seriously. Beyond that is mainly conjectural.

See OldRoadmap for milestones that have already been achieved.

Inkscape 0.91 ~ Refactoring

0.91 will be a longer cycle focused on refactoring and new features.

  • (DONE) Merge GSoC 2010 work
  • (DONE) Evaluate changing the numbering scheme to a date-based one, or setting more realistic goals for major (1.0, 2.0) releases
  • (DONE) Port renderer to Cairo (Krzysztof - GSoC 2010)
  • (DONE) Completely remove libnr

Inkscape 0.92 ~ Infrastructure Focus

Inkscape 0.93 ~ Maintenance and Optimization Focus

  • (DONE) Migration to Git
  • (DONE) Migration to GitLab
  • (DONE) Decide which Unit testing framework to use (Discussion July 2013 didn't get much traction)
    • Hackfest consensus is Google test. Bryce will make RFC to devel list for any other opinions.
  • Set up continuous builds using Travis CI / Appveyor
  • (DONE) Make C++11 compiler a hard requirement
  • Gtk3/UI revamp and panels fixing
  • (DONE) Drop Autotools support (See Build system improvements)
  • Improved performance
    • with an empty start
    • when starting up with an existing file
  • 2geom maintenance
  • Split tutorials and other content from the main executable, to enable them to be updated independently of our main release process
  • Split out less well maintained extensions to an 'extras' package
    • Add a test suite that runs each extension against a collection of test documents
    • Possibly start doing inkscape-extras releases in conjunction with Inkscape's releases?
  • Refactor out "Sodipodi" history
    • SPItem, SPObject and other variables have names from the early versions of Sodipodi, these names no longer makes sense (especially for new developers).
  • (DONE) Migrate potrace to be an external dependency Done for 0.92
  • Prepatory work for expanded testing
    • Implement example unit tests for: SP objects, verbs, cmdline options, live effects, UI dialogs, UI widgets/tools, UI view, etc.
  • New Swatch dialog [Tomasz' GSoc project]

Inkscape 0.94 ~ New Features Focus

  • Multi-page documents and parent/child document references
  • SVG Flowed Text
  • Improve support for CMYK/spot colors
    • Minor UI streamlining
    • Eliminate the CMS tab
    • Change the CMYK tab to allow selecting the CMYK colors directly
    • Allow setting the document to CMYK, which sets a global CMYK profile
    • Stores RGB colors as RGB, CMYK colors as CMYK
  • Solicit community-contributed tutorial contributions
  • (Optionally) Start allowing use of C++-11 features that we find to be sufficiently widely supported
  • Improved mailing list archive
    • Move existing archive to or add an archive mirror at ("official" inkscape information is spread out wide between different domains), this would be an improvement.
    • Consider also bringing lib2geom mailing lists?
    • inkscape: We need and set up. Maybe as part of a mailing list refresh?

Inkscape 0.95 ~ Stabilization Focus

  • Update all core plugins to handle multi-page documents
  • Special focus on bugs relating to multi-page, flowed text, 2geom, and coordinate system flip
  • Write unit test cases
    • Core functions
  • Introduce new tutorials

Inkscape 1.0 ~ Documentation Focus

  • Review, update, and expand existing documentation
    • code documentation
    • tutorials
    • man page
    • kickoff manual effort?
  • Better translations - keep track of % translations for all languages. Drive to 95% on all major languages.
  • Cleanup website and wiki
    • Move pages of value to users from wiki to the main website
    • Trim down amount of legacy material presented in the wiki

Following is a WIP draft of the post-1.0 release goals; this is not yet finalized, and should not be taken as official yet

Inkscape 1.1 ~ Refactoring

  • Expand range of C++-11 features allowed; make C++-11 support more of a requirement for Inkscape
  • Take a holistic approach to UI design (Original email)
    1. Analyze the existing UI, make a list of UI decisions that are inconsistent between each other.
    2. Look around, see how other project solves these things, figure out what's good/applicable for Inkscape (like designing particular custom widgets that are less pixel-hungry etc.).
    3. Design some sort of HIG (Human Interface Guidelines) for Inkscape
    4. Use it to plan redesigns existing dialogs/docks.
    5. Preserve dialog layouts between sessions
  • Externalize some (easy) dependencies
    • Switch to using libcroco as a regular dependency (not embedded in our codebase).
    • Switch to using Adaptagrams (libvpsc, libcola & libavoid) as a regular dependency

Inkscape 1.2 ~ Infrastructure

  • Replace VCS
  • Greatly expand Unit test framework.
  • Consider setting up workflow (passing tests, test coverage, code review) for getting code into trunk.
    • Improve new contributor experience for getting patch reviews
    • Switch patch review software from launchpad to something like mailing list + patchwork, or phabricator
  • make msi Windows install multilingual

Inkscape 1.3 ~ Maintenance and Optimization

  • Better modularization
    • Break libdepixelize out to its own library
    • Break libnrtype out to its own library
    • Break libuemf out to its own library
  • Switch to using Poppler's API rather than using internals (the current situation causes regular breakage with new releases of Poppler)
  • GtkMMification
  • XML refactoring: Remove direct manipulation of XML from as many places as possible and replace it with SP tree methods.
  • Improved performance
    • Working with large files
    • Working with files with lots of filters

Inkscape 1.4 ~ Major Features

  • Complete conversion to GTK 3
    • Switch to using libgdl as a regular dependency
    • Be smarter about toolbar layout so we never have invisible (but necessary) buttons off the screen.
    • Rework panels so that they resize consistently and display contents better. Consider moving back to dialogs in some cases or moving more functionality to the canvas.
  • Begin development of new plugin / extension system(s)
    • C++ API with Python bindings
    • Review the D-Bus scripting API GSoC work from 0.48 timeframe
    • Easy to create
    • Powerful enough to do LPEs, filters, etc.
    • Probably need several different APIs for different levels in the codebase, such as atop the object model, one for canvas stuff, one atop the UI, etc.
      • For object layer will require better division from UI, so it doesn't require a selection for items to operate on
    • Include a debug print of the loaded extensions/plugins/etc.
    • Establish an Extensions Center for community-collaborative sharing/reviewing/maintaining extensions
      • Core extensions are shipped with Inkscape
      • User review ranking
      • Developer review ranking
      • Auto-QC ranking (mechanical testing, and checking for docs, test cases, etc.)
    • Search the Extensions Center and install from within Inkscape
  • Text support overhaul
    • Opentype (turning on/off small caps)
    • Fix Overreliance on system fonts. Deja Vu is not an adequate typeface.
    • Fix loss of typeface, text styling, text positioning

Inkscape 1.5 ~ Stabilization

Milestone [Future]

  • Split backend / GUI frontend
New features / Improvements to existing features
  • Make flowed text SVG-compliant.
  • SVG2 support (with proper SVG 1.1 fallbacks)
  • Improve support for SVG switches: the first recognized element in a switch should appear directly in the SP tree, not as a child of the switch element.
  • Improve support for changing the name of the XML element node in response to SP tree changes.
  • Hardware acceleration: make use of modern GPUs to speed up rendering.
  • Live path effects: investigate extending to cover generic vector transformations (vector effects). Provide live versions of several destructive operations: boolean ops, stroke to path, text to path, etc.
  • Mesh gradient support
  • CSS support
  • Javascript support
  • Animation support.
    • frame-by-frame interpolations?
    • SMIL?
    • Javascripts?
    • Something else?
  • Evaluate pdf exporter to join features from scribus Export
  • For animation and css, a functionality to remove ALL transformations from an SVG
  • PDF cleanup function - ungroup everything, remove all unnecessary clipping and masking
  • Better marker support
  • Object navigator (like in ponyscape)
  • Inkscape for Android
  • CAD drawing functionality
  • More file format import compatibility
    • TopDraw
  • OCR of bitmap traces
  • Rewrite / reintroduce 3D box.
    • 3-dimensional grid, perspective deformed, with snapping