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''Milestones 0-9 have been completed since the start of the Inkscape Project. See [[OldRoadmap]]''
''Milestones 0-9 have been completed since the start of the Inkscape Project. See [[OldRoadmap]]''
=== Milestone 10 - RFE's & Extensions Implementation - Inkscape 0.44 ===
New/Changed Dependencies
* (DONE) Add libcroco
* masks/clippaths
** (DONE) Implement creation
* (DONE) Load-from-URL
*(DONE) tools: add/remove points on path, bezier drag
* (DONE) When run without installing, make it look for icon image file(s) locally so we don't get garbage icons
* (DONE) Implement tests of Inkscape against the [[W3C]] test suite [rick beton, bryce]
* (DONE) Reduce open/total RFE ratio to 55%
=== Milestone 11 - Import/Export Feature Enhancements - Inkscape 0.45 ===
New/Changed Dependencies
* (DONE) Change to Gtk 2.6
* (DONE) Drop libloudmouth
* (DONE) Bidirectional text in Pango needs attention
* (DONE) [[MakeVertical]] in Pango needs attention
* (DONE) integrate [[Googles_Summer_Of_Code]] 2006 work, i.e. [[Filter_Effects|SVG Filters]] and [[User:Daleharvey|formalising the protocol for inkboard communication]]
=== Milestone 12 - Inkscape 0.46 ===
=== Milestone 12 - Inkscape 0.46 ===

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Inkscape Development Roadmap

NOTE: This is a working document showing specific near-term tasks needed for achieving milestones. The number in front of the version is in reference to the milestone.

Milestones 0-9 have been completed since the start of the Inkscape Project. See OldRoadmap

Milestone 12 - Inkscape 0.46

New/Changed Dependencies:

  • Gtk 2.8

Refactoring/Cleanup Effort:

  • Eliminate use of the style.h types in as much of codebase as possible, particularly display/*.
  • Create an SPObject API for tracking references and avoiding id clashes on import and interdocument copy/paste. What we need are a void SPDocument::importCopies([set of SPObjects]), and an [set of SPObjects] SPObject::dependencies() method.
  • Implement gradient UI "release" handler to deal with gradient garbage collection (see bug 984854)
  • improvement of svg patterns UI - make it similar to gradient-drag, instead of piggybacking knotholder
  • Change to use of GQuarks instead of #defines where feasible
  • Learn and use autoscan and autoreconf to find out which configure tests are still needed.
  • Clean up configure.in
  • (PARTIALLY DONE) Directory Reorganization (rejon)

File Format Support Effort:

Extensions Effort:

  • Implement extension API
  • Implement extension registry
  • Complete Extension preferences dialog

Desktop Integration Effort:

  • WebDAV/FTP support via GNOME-VFS, Neon, or the like
  • Make printing work more efficiently and reliably


  • Include some rendering tests in `make check'.
  • Get 'make check' to pass on Win32 and OSX

SVG Compliance

Milestone 13 - Inkscape 0.47

New/Changed Dependencies:

  • Gtk 2.10
  • Reduce open/total RFE ratio to 40%
  • Reduce open/total bug ratio to 5%

Milestone 14 - Inkscape 0.48

  • Object-to-object snapping
  • Markers -
  • Enhanced grid system
  • Inter-application cut-and-paste
  • Inter-application drag-and-drop
  • Clipart manager GUI

Milestone 15 - Inkscape 0.49

  • Replace style.cpp entirely, with a clearer and cleaner version.
  • (DONE) Integrate use of libcroco for handling Cascading Style Sheets.
  • Palettes
    • Custom palettes like from Gnome
    • Ability to load 3rd-party palettes (e.g. Pantone, Trumatch, Focoltone, Toyo, etc.)

Milestone 16 - Inkscape 0.50

  • Prereq: Is renderer immune to the same kinds of numerical problems we see with our new renderer, libnr, or libart?
  • Will the new renderer improve performance for most users?
  • Integrate a Cairo-based SVG Canvas library

Milestone 17 - Inkscape 0.51

  • Prereq: We need a conceptualization of how it should work
  • Currently, part of the concept discussion is at here

Milestone 18 - Inkscape 0.52

  • Reenable fuzzy font matching [bb]

Milestone 19 - Inkscape 0.53

  • Implement LittleCMS as color management system
  • (DONE) Create a swatches dialog

Milestone 20 - Inkscape 0.54

Milestone 21 - Inkscape 0.55

  • Reduce open/total RFE ratio to 30%

Milestone [Future]

  • Investigate performance measurement testing for Inkscape
  • Convert all tabs into spaces (convert tabs to 4 spaces)
  • Rename all 'SPFooBar' routines to 'FooBar' and put into namespaces
    • (DONE) dialogs folder
  • Investigate SVG docs where SVG is not the default namespace used at the root -- e.g. <svg:svg xmlns:svg="http://...etc"><svg:rect.../><blah></svg:svg> -- <blah> would end up getting shoehorned into the svg namespace
  • Write an Internal DTD subset describing the custom Inkscape XML elements, for validation against SVG DTD
  • Ensure Inkscape does not throw away the internal DTD subsets of documents it reads
  • Start thinking about 1.0 when major functionality gaps are closed
    • (BASICALLY DONE) layers
    • (DONE) color palette
    • (DONE) gradient tool
    • (DONE) patterns
    • (DONE) text on path and in shape
    • (DONE) text selection
    • (DONE) SVG filters
    • mask tool
    • perspective transforms
    • scripting
    • path editing
    • shaped strokes
  • Implement preliminary support for iso & hex grid
  • Implement perspective transformations via PerspectiveObject
  • Improve freehand curve smoothness [pjrm, paraprax]
  • Review X1-1GUITest on SF
  • Review usability links at http://openusability.org/docman/?group_id=52
  • Review usability links at http://openusability.org/docman/?group_id=57
  • Editable toolbars (libegg)