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Warning symbol.png These Release Notes are in Draft Status.

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Release highlights

Definitely not released yet.

Inkscape 1.2.1 is a maintenance and bugfix release, which brings you an important fix for a bug where a loss of data occurred, that could only be discovered when the file was saved and opened again. In addition to this critical bug fix, more than xx bug fixes, xx crash fixes, xx fixes for extension failures, xx improved user interface translations and improved documentation.

Bug fixes


([Bug #], [MR #])

  • Fixed accented characters in context menus for input fields in non-English languages on Windows (Bug #3152, MR #4535)
  • Added back the ability to set a keyboard shortcut for swapping fill and stroke paint of an object (Bug #3502, MR #4535)
  • Fixed the size of the text background for the measurements created by the Measurement tool when converting a measurement to objects (Bug #3412, MR #4535)
  • Fixed a crash when double-clicking on a 3D box (Bug #3538, MR #4535)

TODO: check and rephrase the following, if needed:

  • Fixed switching tools for Czech locale (LC_COLLATE=cs_CZ.UTF-8), and probably other locales too but only on Linux or OSes that set this (so not Windows). (#3571 (closed), !4477 (merged), d0e1ff62)
  • Fix crash on LPE to path if original-d is M 0 0 and references are bad (this is a rare situation, but may well occur to "normal" user) (#3599 (closed), !4515 (merged), e0e0620a)
  • Re-enable the batch export button if cancelled (#3605 (closed), !4519 (merged), 6b9550fe)
  • Fix crash checking and detecting wrong element type with debugging mode "Check attributes and style properties" (and extraneous white-space in non-text elements if xml:space="preserve" set) (#2799 (closed), !4513 (merged), 2fe9cf9a)
  • Improve sub-menu appearance when no recent files are found (An entry "No items found" is shown instead of a weird blank bar) (#2926 (closed), !4488 (merged), a3c85c7f)
  • Fonts used in the document are legible in dark mode (now bold instead of blue) (#910, !4474 (merged), 7fe10487)

  • Re-add swap fill-and-stroke shortcut, make remove filters do something in CLI mode (#3502 (closed), !4410 (merged), 0f8d9ddc)
  • Fix sub-menus not showing if translated with accent in some Windows OS locales (e.g. Central European), (#3152 (closed), !4392 (merged), 0b545f95)




Crash fixes

Fixed a crash when …

Extension bug fixes

Complete as of 2022/05/24, see for details

Crash fixes

Bugfixes in particular extensions

  • A few typos in the pdflatex extension (MR extensions#475) have been fixed.
  • The help messages and tooltips of the Interpolate, Restack and Extrude extensions have been improved (MR extensions#471)

Improvements that apply to all extensions

Improvements for development / deployment


The following UI translations received updates:

  • Basque
  • Czech
  • Greek
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Slovenian
  • Turkish

The following documentation translations received updates:

Contributing to interface translations

Want to help with translations? Learn how to help!


Contributing to documentation and documentation translation

Contributions to the documentation translations, as well as improvements to its contents, are welcome at the inkscape-docs repository.

Known issues

These issues could not be fixed in time for the 1.2.1 release.

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