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== Important changes ==
== Important changes ==

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* For packagers: we do not depend on GtkSpell but on GSpell for spelling checks.

== Improvements ==
== Improvements ==

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Release highlights

Definitely not released yet.

Inkscape 1.1 is a stability and bugfix release.

[For changes made even before the 1.0 release that aren't in 1.0, try to find out if the checked and not stroked ones here: https://gitlab.com/inkscape/inkscape/-/issues/1030 have really not been cherrypicked]

The most notable improvements are:

  • Fill in

Important changes

  • For packagers: we do not depend on GtkSpell but on GSpell for spelling checks.


  • In Edit > Preferences > Imported images : Import, there is a new option that allows you to disable relative paths to linked files ("Store absolute file path for linked images", active by default).
  • XInclude support
  • Hidden dialogs stop receiving signals and release resources
  • Shell mode: a history of commands is now remembered and can be accessed with the up and down arrow keys. [Tab ... autocompletion?]

Notable bugfixes

  • Fill in

Crash fixes

Fix a crash …

More bug fixes

There were even more issues fixed than those listed above, but these probably only affect a small portion of users, or are relevant for development and packaging only.

For a complete list, visit our GitLab issue tracker and see the commit history (all changes since DATE until release date).


The following UI translations received updates:

  • Language

The following documentation translations received updates:

  • Language

Contributing to interface translations

Want to help with translations? Learn how to help!


  • Some missing options were added to the man page (command line help)
  • Some missing keyboard shortcuts were added to the keyboard shortcut reference

Contributing to documentation and documentation translation

Contributions to the documentation translations, as well as improvements to its contents, are welcome at the inkscape-docs repository.

Known issues

Previous releases