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Inkscape 0.93

(definitely not released yet - AnnouncePlanning093)

Release highlights

Released on «YYYY-MM-DD».

[Please fill in]

New Features and Improvements

  • Inkview was considerably improved and got some new features
  • Support folders as input (will load all SVG files from the specified folder)
    The `-r` or `--recursive` option will even allow to search subfolders recursively.
  • Implement `-t` or `--timer` option which allows to set a time after which the next file will be automatically loaded.
  • Add `-s` or `--scale` option to set a factor by which to scale the displayed image.
  • Add `-f` or `--fullscreen` option to launch Inkview in fullscreen mode
  • Many smaller fixes and improvements
  • Shortcuts
  • Allow to use "Super", "Hyper" and "Meta" modifier keys
  • Improve shortcut handling code. This should fix a lot of issues and allow to use a lot of shortcuts which were inaccessible before, especially on non-English keyboard layouts.
  • Customisable share folder - All files in share can be over-ridden by placing files in the user's `~/.config/inkscape` folder. These include keyboard files (no change) to user interface files (glade files) and menu xml files to configure the menus, toolbars and interfaces of Inkscape (very raw themeing support).
  • Inkscape is starting to use glade for it's dialogs so they can be reconfigured by users. Only one is currently supported.

Important changes

[Please fill in]

The icon preview dialog now correctly shows the page background (Bug #1537497). As a side effect, custom UI icons SVG files need updating to have their background color alpha channel set to 0 so that they display correctly (see Bug #1661989).

Live Path Effects

[Please fill in]

Import / Export

[Please fill in]


  • All INX Parameters now have the common attribute indent="n" where n specifies the level of indentation in the extension UI.
  • Add appearance="url" for INX Parameters of type "description". You can now add clickable links to your extension UI.


[Please fill in]

Command Line

  • xverbs (command line commands that take parameters, e.g. for saving the selection under a specified filename as svg file) (mailing list thread)
  • New verb allows to swap fill and stroke from command line: EditSwapFillStroke (a keyboard shortcut can now be assigned to it)(bug 675690)

New dependencies

* libsoup - Used for making http requests without the need for dbus and gvfs.


New UI translations for [please fill in].

Notable Bugfixes

  • Symbols: Visio Stencils loaded from .vss files now use their actual name instead of a placeholder derived from the symbol file's name (bug 1676144)

For an exhaustive list of bugs that have been fixed, please see the milestones page for Inkscape 0.93..

Known Issues

[Please fill in]

Previous releases