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#REDIRECT [[Release notes/1.0]]
== Inkscape 0.93 ==
'''(definitely not released yet - [[AnnouncePlanning093]])'''
== Release highlights ==
Released on '''«YYYY-MM-DD»'''.
[Please fill in]
== Important changes ==
[Please fill in]
The icon preview dialog now correctly shows the page background (Bug #[https://bugs.launchpad.net/inkscape/+bug/1537497 1537497]). As a side effect, custom UI icons SVG files need updating to have their background color alpha channel set to 0 so that they display correctly (see Bug #[https://bugs.launchpad.net/inkscape/+bug/1661989 1661989]).
== Canvas ==
=== HiDPI ===
[Please fill in]
=== Canvas Rotation ===
With <kbd>Ctrl+Shift+Scroll wheel</kbd> the drawing area can be rotated and viewed from different angles. In the bottom right corner of the Window, the viewing angle can be entered manually. Keyboard shortcuts for clockwise/counter-clockwise/no rotation can be set in the preferences.
Keyboard shortcuts for flipping the canvas horizontally/vertically/back to normal can be set in the preferences.
== Tools ==
=== Pencil Tool ===
* Pressure sensitivity can now be enabled for the Pencil tool. This feature makes use of the PowerStroke live path effect.
* New settings for the tool are available for refining the behavior of the PowerStroke LPE when created with the Pencil tool (and a graphics tablet).
* The default shape settings for the effect can be changed in the PowerStroke dialog, when a path with this effect is selected.
=== Eraser ===
New option to erase as clip, which allows to non-destructively erase (parts of) all kinds of elements, including raster images and clones.
== Clipping / Masking ==
Clip paths and masks now have an inverse mode in the menu, using the PowerClip and PowerMask LPEs
== Live Path Effects ==
=== BSPline and Spiro ===
Improvements in Pen/Pencil mode. With "Alt", you can move the previous node.
=== Measure Line ===
This new path effect add DIN and custom style meassure lines to "straight" segments in a path.<br/>Here are a video working:[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppgt2GPm1IY Meassure Line LPE]
=== Clone original Improvements ===
This path effect now allow items instead paths and has a lot of power behaind.<br/>Here are a video working:[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAJAxKNY8lA Clone Original Improvements]
=== Mirror Symmetry and Rotate Copies Split feature ===
This new feature allows custom styles for each part of the resulting drawing without unlinking the LPE.</br>
Video: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIzrQ2lpzuw Mirror Symmetry and Rotate Copies LPE Split option]
=== Power Clip and Power Mask LPE ===
This new LPE add options to clips and masks.<br/>
Video: [https://ia601501.us.archive.org/34/items/00003303/0000-3303.ogv PowerClip and PowerMask LPE]
=== Fillet/Chamfer ===
This new LPE adds fillet and chamfer to paths. Also adds a new internal class that allows to handle extra info per node, the LPE itself is an example of use the new classes.<br/>
Video: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJKzGhJULfc Fillet/Chamfer LPE]
=== Boolean Operations LPE ===
Allows non-destructive boolean operations...
=== Embroidery Stich ===
An LPE to handle embroidery...
== Import / Export ==
[Please fill in]
== Extensions ==
=== Extension development ===
* All [[INX Parameters]] now have the common attribute <code>indent="n"</code> where <code>n</code> specifies the level of indentation in the extension UI.
* Add <code>appearance="url"</code> for [[INX Parameters]] of type "description". You can now add clickable links to your extension UI.
== SVG and CSS ==
[Please fill in]
== Dialogs ==
=== Symbols ===
* The Symbols dialog can now handle a lot of symbols without delay on startup, and also allows searching. Symbols and symbol sets now displayed in alphabetical order.
=== Document Properties ===
* When resizing the page, the page margin fields can now be locked, so the same value will be used for all margins, but only needs to be entered once.
== Customization ==
=== Customize all files in the share folder ===
All files in <code>/share</code> can be over-ridden by placing files in the user's configuration folder (e.g. <code>~/.config/inkscape</code>).
Configurable contents now includes extensions, filters, fonts, gradients, icons, keyboard shortcuts, preset markers, palettes, patterns, about screen, symbol sets, templates, tutorials and some user interface configuration files.
=== Fonts ===
* Inkscape can now load fonts that are not installed on the system. By default Inkscape will load additional fonts from Inkscape's share folder (<code>/share/inkscape/fonts</code>) and the user's configuration folder (<code>~/.config/inkscape/fonts</code>). Custom folders can be set in preferences (see ''Tools → Text → Font directories'').
=== Keyboard shortcuts ===
* Allow to use "Super", "Hyper" and "Meta" modifier keys
* Improve shortcut handling code. This should fix a lot of issues and allow to use a lot of shortcuts which were inaccessible before, especially on non-English keyboard layouts.
=== User interface customization ===
* Inkscape is starting to use glade files for its dialogs so they can be reconfigured by users. Only one is currently supported (filter editor).
* The contents of the menus can be configured by customizing the <code>menus.xml</code> file.
* Toolbar contents for the command bar (<code>commands-toolbar.ui</code>), the snap bar (<code>snap-toolbar.ui</code>), the tool controls bars for each tool (<code>select-toolbar.ui</code>), the toolbox (<code>tool-toolbar.ui</code>) is now configurable.
* The file <code>keybindings.rc</code> allows you to... '''(TODO: do what? What does it do in comparison to keys.xml?)'''
* The interface colors and some more UI styles can be customized in <code>style.css</code> (very raw themeing support).
== Inkview ==
'''Inkview''' was considerably improved and got some new features:
* Support folders as input (will load all SVG files from the specified folder)<br/>The <code>-r</code> or <code>--recursive</code> option will even allow to search subfolders recursively.
* Implement <code>-t</code> or <code>--timer</code> option which allows to set a time after which the next file will be automatically loaded.
* Add <code>-s</code> or <code>--scale</code> option to set a factor by which to scale the displayed image.
* Add <code>-f</code> or <code>--fullscreen</code> option to launch Inkview in fullscreen mode
* Many smaller fixes and improvements
== Command Line ==
* [[Using xverbs|xverbs]] (command line commands that take parameters, e.g. for saving the selection under a specified filename as svg file) ([https://sourceforge.net/p/inkscape/mailman/inkscape-devel/thread/33487d06-e3c1-a4e5-1496-7b370d672d2f%40gmail.com/#msg35392523 mailing list thread])
* New verb allows to swap fill and stroke from command line: EditSwapFillStroke (a keyboard shortcut can now be assigned to it) ([https://bugs.launchpad.net/inkscape/+bug/675690 bug 675690])
* Files can now also be saved as Inkscape SVG without calling the GUI save dialog (new command: --export-inkscape-svg)
== New dependencies ==
* libsoup - Used for making http requests without the need for dbus and gvfs.
== Translations ==
New UI translations for [please fill in].
== Notable Bugfixes ==
* Symbols: Visio Stencils loaded from .vss files now use their actual name instead of a placeholder derived from the symbol file's name ([https://bugs.launchpad.net/inkscape/+bug/1676144 bug 1676144])
* Shapes on Pen and Pencil tools now retain color and width ([https://bugs.launchpad.net/inkscape/+bug/1707899 bug:1707899]).
For an exhaustive list of bugs that have been fixed, please see the [https://launchpad.net/inkscape/+milestone/0.93 milestones page for Inkscape 0.93].<!-- CHECK on Release -->.
== Known Issues ==
[Please fill in]
== Previous releases ==
* [[Release notes/0.92]] ([[Release_notes/0.92.1 |0.92.1]], [[Release_notes/0.92.2 |0.92.2]])
* [[Release notes/0.91]]
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