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   inkscape --file vector.svg --export-png - | convert - out.jpg
   inkscape --file vector.svg --export-png - | convert - out.jpg
Also full processing chain is possible by reading and writing to pipes:
Also a full processing chain is possible by reading and writing to pipes:
   cat vector.svg | inkscape --file - --export-png - | convert - out.jpg
   cat vector.svg | inkscape --file - --export-png - | convert - out.jpg

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Release highlights

Not yet released

Inkscape 0.92.4 is a stability and bugfix release. It also brings some notable performance improvements for filter rendering, measure tool, saving and moving paths (with a live path effect) and includes a couple of small, but impactful usage improvements.


Align and Distribute

You can now align multiple (ungrouped) objects as a group relative to another, single object.

This makes "treat selection as group" useful with the selections "Last selected / First selected / Biggest object / Smallest object" in which case all elements will be moved as a group relative to the "focused" element which will be kept fixed.

Example aligning multiple (ungrouped) objects to first selected object:

Align as group to focused.gif

Color sliders

The movement of the color sliders can now be constrained by holding the "Ctrl" key while dragging.

(step size is 16 if the max value is 255, and 10 if the max is 100)

Color slider default.gif Color slider constrained.gif


  • Previously, the current selection was lost after running an extension. Now, whenever possible, Inkscape will try to keep the objects selected.
  • Extensions developers can again rely on the order of inkex.Effect.selected.iteritems() reflecting the user's selection order properly.
  • Extensions work faster now in documents consisting of a large number of objects. [To be confirmed.]

Automated Graphics Processing

Inkscape is now able to read and write pipes. You can use this to process data without using temporary files.

You can read from standard input:

 cat vector.svg | inkscape --file - --export-png img.png

You can write image data to standard output and directly convert to JPEG:

 inkscape --file vector.svg --export-png - | convert - out.jpg

Also a full processing chain is possible by reading and writing to pipes:

 cat vector.svg | inkscape --file - --export-png - | convert - out.jpg

Other improvements

  • Improved saving speed (especially some extreme slowdowns with certain large files like those created by Adobe Illustrator were resolved, see also bug #1793877)
  • Improved filter rendering speed (Commit)
  • Improved performance of the measure tool when grids are visible (Commit)
  • Dragging paths with a live path effect works faster now (Bug #[1] 245078)

Regression fixes

  • Deselecting a path with many nodes could take a long time (Bugs #1652100 and #1745763)
  • Ungrouping text elements could result in changed font size of children (Bug #1733651)
  • Some files with live path effects that couldn't be opened in Inkscape 0.92.3 work again in 0.92.4 (Bug #1769679)

Notable bugfixes

  • Some printer drivers (reportedly Canon, EPSON, and Konica Minolta drivers) either failed to print at all or scaled documents to the wrong paper size, because Inkscape always sent jobs with custom paper sizes instead of sizes supported by the drivers. (Bug #630635 comments 3-7; bug #1289733; GitLab MRs 258 and 259)
  • The measure tool got confused by mirrored text. Now it measures distances between letters correctly, even when mirrored. (Bug #1738504)
  • Fix reduced opacity of partially transparent embedded bitmap images in PDF export. (Bug #381677)
  • Fix reduced opacity of partially transparent filtered objects in PDF export when "Rasterize filter effects" is active. (Bug #381677)
  • Fixed a very annoying crash when Shift/Ctrl-clicking on control handles of shapes. (Bug #1594877)
  • Inkscape can now be built with up-to-date poppler library 0.72.0, which is especially useful for Mac users using Homebrew for building Inkscape (Commit)
  • Filter editor no longer crashes when removing the last blend filter (Bug #1795847)
  • Fix a crash on closing a document when the default template was missing (Commit)
  • Copy-pasting the power stroke LPE from one path to another works better now (Bug #1005036)

More bug fixes

There were even more issues fixed than those listed above, but these probably only affect a small portion of users, or are relevant for development and packaging only.

For a complete list, visit our launchpad bug tracker and see the commit history on gitlab (all changes from March, 11th 2018 until release date).


The following UI translations received updates:

  • Icelandic
  • Brazilian Portuguese

The following documentation translations received updates:

  • Ukrainian
  • Hungarian

Contributing to interface translations

Want to help with translations? Learn how to help!


  • Layout of HTML Keyboard Shortcut Reference improved
  • Indicate correct keyboard shortcut for the measurement tool in Keyboard Shortcut Reference
  • Clarification in the man page for usage of the -z / --verb options in combination

Contributing to documentation and documentation translation

Contributions to the documentation translations, as well as improvements to its contents, are welcome at the inkscape-docs repository.

Known issues

See bug tracker

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