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Inkscape 0.92

(definitely not released yet - AnnouncePlanning092)

Release highlights

Released on «YYYY-MM-DD».

Dialogs, etc.


Hierarchy of document

  • Imported from Ponyscape
  • Includes individual objects as well as layers
  • Allows changing of highlight color of objects
  • Drag and drop reordering of objects
  • Find, lock, and hide individual items

Selection Sets

Create selection sets that are not affected document structure

Live Path Effects

Spiro Live

Extended video: <>

Based in Spiro Live Path Effect, now show result while drawing.

  • Nodes cusp (SHIFT) and Spiro.
  • Handle append path on cusp and Spiro mode whith helper preview path.



Extended video <>

Pen & Node mode

Use BSpline Live Effect while creating and editing paths.

  • Pen and Pencil use
  • Modes cusp(SHIFT) and BSpline while drawing.
  • Handle append parhs with preview helper path.
  • Handle weight of bspline (node tool) with handle movement. SHIFT key required.
  • Handle custom weight snaps with CTRL

Bspline.gif Bspline2.gif

Live Path Effect mode

The options in the Live effect dialog give you control on bspline paths.

  • Set to Default weight (0.3334 time of his curve segment).
  • Make cusp nodes.
  • Numeric input for weight.
  • Steps with CONTROL snaps in node/handle editing.
  • Ignore cusp nodes, affect to all other widgets changes and, for example, retain cusp nodes when you change the power.
  • Change only selected nodes, affect to all other widgets changes.
  • Show a helper path whith the final shape and the generated new nodes.




Extended video:

  • Four types: fillet, inverse fillet, chamfer and double chamfer
  • Fillet/Chamfer knots are green diamonds
  • Change Fillet/Chamfer types: Ctrl+click green knot
  • Fillet/Chamfer knot dialog: Shift+click green knot
  • Handle units
  • Methods Auto,Force Arcs or Force Bezier. Auto use arcs for straight lines and bezier for curves.
  • Numeric radius input.
  • Optional helper path with knot direction
  • Two kind of radius, fixed and flexible.
  • Optional Knot distance to node instead radius
  • Ignore 0 radius knots.
  • Change only selected nodes.
  • Hide Knots, some times useful. ex: 0 radius knot.
  • Type change buttons




Extended video:

This filter is a semi-clone of two extensions, ("add nodes" and "jitter nodes") + handle units.

The parameters are similar to both extensions.

  • Apply to paths, shapes and groups.
  • Apply to clip and masks -if are vectors-




Extended video:

Send the simplify command to a non-destructive live path effect.

  • Use on paths, shapes and groups of them.
  • Apply to clip and masks -if are vectors-
  • User can change modify the threshold -preferences dialog- used by a numeric parameter.
  • Apply Simplify on stack.




Extended video:

Apply both deformations by 4 points.

  • Two modes, perspective and envelope.
  • Apply on paths, shapes and groups.
  • Apply on vector clips and mask


Lattice Deformation 2


Extended video:

Add deformations by a mesh.

  • Apply to paths, shapes and groups.
  • Apply to vector clips and mask


Show Handles


Extended video:

A LPE version of Show Handles extension.

  • Work on paths, shapes and groups.
  • Work on clones
  • Node and Handle shapes resizeables
  • If not a clone, is a destructive LPE, dont save styles, work on a copy!


Other user interface