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* Not as awesome as 0.49.
* Not as awesome as 0.49.

==Previous releases==
== Other releases ==
*[[Release notes/0.48.2]]
*[[Release notes/0.48.1]]
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*[[Release notes/0.48]]
*[[Release notes/0.47]]
*[[Release notes/0.46]]

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Release highlights

Inkscape 0.48.3 is a stability and bugfix release. For a complete list of bugs fixed in 0.48.3, see the Launchpad milestone page.

Regression fixes

Important bugfixes

  • Clipped and masked objects are selected correctly. Bug #365458
  • The units feet and picas are now correctly handled for grids. Bug #885500
  • Finally, the grid origin is moved when resizing the page (e.g. when clicking clicking "Fit page to selection")! Bug #240689
  • The emphasized grid lines of the axonometric grid now move properly according to the origin of the grid.

Known issues

  • Not as awesome as 0.49.

Other releases