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Release highlights

Inkscape 0.48.1 is a stability and bugfix release. For a complete list of bugs fixed in 0.48.1, see the Launchpad milestone page.

Regression fixes

  • Shift will turn off snapping in the node tool. Bug #588628
  • Duplication of nodes in the node tool using Shift+D works again. Bug #555449
  • Changing all selected segments into straight lines in the node tool using Shift+L works again. Bug #532905
  • Changing the type of nodes to cusp will retract their handles only if all selected nodes are already cusp. This improves usability when working with selections that contain both cusp and smooth nodes.

Important bugfixes

  • Exporting of masks has been substantially improved in all Cairo-based output formats.
  • Several crash bugs in the node tool have been fixed. Bug #544599, Bug #591986, Bug #605575
  • Rulers are redrawn properly with recent versions of GTK. Bug #627134
  • Unlinking an orphaned clone no longer causes a crash. Bug #675309
  • Problems with extensions sometimes not working at all on Mac OS X have been fixed. Bug #482993
  • Inkscape should no longer crash due to missing icons at startup or when opening the document properties dialog. Bug #658055, Bug #651678
  • Shift-clicking on the top rounding handle of a rectangle will no longer cause a crash. Bug #680520
  • Inkscape builds correctly with recent versions of Poppler. Bug #676271

Known issues

  • Stamping in the node tool does not work.
  • Closing an unchanged document that contains connectors might ask to save, as if the document was modified. Pressing Ctrl+Z before closing will avoid bringing up the dialog.

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