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Inkscape 0.43

In brief


  • Add Nodes: Adds nodes to the selected paths. Each segment of the selected path is subdivided into ceil(Length/Max) equal length segments. Lengths are measured in SVG User Units calculated from the path data and does not take into account any transforms.
  • Whirl: Twists the selected paths around the specified center point.
  • Summer's Night: Linearly distorts a path into the destination quadrilateral. The destination quadrilateral is specified by a four node path (closed or not). To use draw and position a four node path. Select the four node path first and then using the Shift modifier key select the path you wish to distort. The original position of the four nodes is considered to be clockwise around the bounding box of the path to distort beginning in the upper left corner.

New functionality


  • [Menu configurability and sensitivity - ted]
  • When editing text in Text tool, keypad + and - keys type the corresponding characters if NumLock is on (otherwise they zoom in and out as before).

Packaging, documentation, examples


SVG/CSS compliance

Important bugfixes

Internal progress

  • Source documentation: update src/Doxyfile, make sure every file in list has brief descriptions for classes and functions [rwst]
  • [removed trailing fractional zeros in svg - pjrm]

Known issues

Previous releases