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Inkscape 0.43

In brief


  • Add Nodes: Adds nodes to the selected paths. Each segment of the selected path is subdivided into ceil(Length/Max) equal length segments. Lengths are measured in SVG User Units calculated from the path data and does not take into account any transforms.
  • Whirl: Twists the selected paths around the specified center point.
  • Summer's Night: Linearly distorts a path into the destination quadrilateral. The destination quadrilateral is specified by a four node path (closed or not). To use draw and position a four node path. Select the four node path first and then using the Shift modifier key select the path you wish to distort.

New functionality


  • [Menu configurability and sensitivity - ted]
  • When editing text in Text tool, keypad + and - keys type the corresponding characters if NumLock is on (otherwise they zoom in and out as before).

Packaging, documentation, examples


SVG/CSS compliance

Important bugfixes

Internal progress

  • Source documentation: update src/Doxyfile, make sure every file in list has brief descriptions for classes and functions [rwst]
  • [removed trailing fractional zeros in svg - pjrm]

Known issues

Previous releases