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Inkscape 0.42

En bref

Inkscape 0.42 is our biggest release so far by the sheer number of major and minor features, usability improvements, and bugfixes. While some of the new features simply fill long-standing functionality gaps, others are truly revolutionary. Here are the highlights:

  • Flowed text: text objects that automatically reflow in any shape (not only rectangle).
  • Text selection: finally you can shift arrow or drag over part of a text and apply any style to the selected span.
  • Gradient tool: a completely redesigned and much easier to use gradient interface, with gradient handles displayed right on canvas.
  • Effects are now usable from within Inkscape on all platforms; this version ships with a collection of effects including path interpolation, randomization, and various fractal algorithms.
  • Color swatches: a standard facility in most graphic software, now in Inkscape too.
  • Colored clones: clones can now be painted differently from their original.
  • Tile tracing: the Tile Clones dialog can trace the existing image with the tiling, producing a multitude of exciting effects.
  • Grid arrange, baseline align, unclumping: new powerful ways to arrange objects.
  • Better PS/EPS export: gradient support, better text handling, a command line option for batch export.
  • Command line SVG analysis: use Inkscape from the command line to query coordinates and dimensions of objects in an SVG file.
  • Better SVG/CSS compliance: notably, internal CSS stylesheets are now supported (read-only).
  • OS X support: In addition to Linux and Windows, Inkscape 0.42 is available as a fully self-contained dmg package for Mac OS X.

There are also dozens of smaller features and usability enhancements (especially in the Fill