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Inkscape 0.39

En bref

Inkscape 0.39 is a Development Release, which means we focused on architecture changes and adding new features. The official goal for the release was switching to the Pango library for text and font handling. But in addition to that, we've got loads of new and exciting stuff - here are only a few highlights:

  • Pango: smoother text display, auto kerning, better i18n (automatic font substitution, right-to-left text, bi-directional text), less platform dependence
  • New SVG features: markers (aka arrowheads), clones (svg:use), pattern tiles, RDF metadata; many SVG compliance bugfixes
  • New dialogs: Preferences, Find, Metadata
  • Pure convenience: usable dropper, scale switches, Commands bar, more tool controls (including rounded stars), more import formats, more paper sizes, Revert command, edit inside group, better selection cues, spell checking, window layout configurable, streamlined Fill