Release Process Debrief

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Release Process Debrief

This is for capturing braindumps and random observations/ideas on streamlining and improving our release processes.

As ideas gel into actionable tasks they can be moved off this page into bug trackers or todo lists.


  • We need to be more encouraging/insistent that the release notes get updated as stuff is landed. Especially for point releases, whenever we cherrypick a fix we should make a practice of entering it into the release notes. For 0.92.2, this wasn't done so writing them was a rush job done last minute (which in turn caused a schedule delay).


  • 0.92.2 had just one pre-release, but given the switch to git and the introduction of the releases app, it may have been beneficial to do one or two more pre-releases.
  • Objectively we're getting better at establishing and following a schedule, but for 0.92.2 there was still delays at the end. In each of 0.92.0, 0.92.1, and 0.92.2 the delays were caused by unique causes; *something* always piles up at the end and it's difficult to predict what it'll be.


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