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== Packaging ==
== Packaging ==

== Website Releases App ==
== Website ==

== Social Media ==
== Social Media ==

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Release Process Debrief

This is for capturing braindumps and random observations/ideas on streamlining and improving our release processes.

As ideas gel into actionable tasks they can be moved off this page into bug trackers or todo lists.


  • We need to be more encouraging/insistent that the release notes get updated as stuff is landed. Especially for point releases, whenever we cherrypick a fix we should make a practice of entering it into the release notes. For 0.92.2, this wasn't done so writing them was a rush job done last minute (which in turn caused a schedule delay).


  • 0.92.2 had just one pre-release, but given the switch to git and the introduction of the releases app, it may have been beneficial to do one or two more pre-releases.
  • Objectively we're getting better at establishing and following a schedule, but for 0.92.2 there was still delays at the end. In each of 0.92.0, 0.92.1, and 0.92.2 the delays were caused by unique causes; *something* always piles up at the end and it's difficult to predict what it'll be.



Social Media

  • We could use someone at the helm on Twitter. Ryan's responding to the bug reports with his personal Twitter account because he hates to see those go so long unaddressed.

Other Ideas