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==Inkscape 0.48==
#REDIRECT [[Release notes/0.48]]
===Highlights in this release:===
*Spray Tool
*Device CMYK
*Rewritten Node tool
===Spray Tool===
To use the spray tool, you first need to select one or several items and then click on the Spray icon.
Three modes are available.
*''Spray Copy mode :'' each sprayed item is independant from the others.
*''Spray Clone mode :'' each sprayed item is a clone of the selected item. Changing the properties of the original item will affect the clones.
*''Spray Single Path Mode :'' everything you spray is in a single path. You may need to convert your item into a path to make it work properly.
'''Spray options'''
*Population : probability of apparition of an item.
*Standard Deviation : for the gaussian spraying, it sets the width of the gaussian.
*Mean : it sets the center of the gaussian. More precisely, it is the distance to the center of the cursor.
*Scale : you can choose to scale your items taller or smaller than the original one. The scale is set between two values (Min and Max).
*Rotation : you can rotate randomly your items. The rotation angle is set between two values (Min and Max).
You can also spray items by scrolling.
The Spray tool is a perfect match for the transforming, duplicating, and deleting modes of the Tweak tool.
===New and improved extensions===
* The new '''Render > Wireframe Sphere''' extension draws the globe as a collection of ellipses representing a sphere's latitude and longitude lines. The number of lines is adjustable, as well as the tilt and rotation. There is an option to hide the lines at the back of the sphere.
==Other Features==
* Arch paper sizes are added in the Document Properties dialog
* Displaying the '''font samples''' in the drop-down list of the Text tool is now optional. In Inkscape Preferences, go to Tools, Text, and uncheck "Show font samples in the drop-down list" if you don't want to see the samples. This will speed up displaying the list the first time you open it.
* Items in the File > Open Recent menu, when mouseovered, show tooltips with the full URI of each file in the list. Also, files that are in the list but are missing or unaccessible are automatically hidden.
* When a flowed text is truncated (i.e. the frame is too small for the entire text), the frame is shown red, and the statusbar hint includes '''[truncated]'''. You need to resize the frame to see the truncated end of the text. Analogously, if the path of a text-on-path object is too short to display the entire text, the statusbar will report it as '''[truncated]'''.
* The position of text's baseline anchor is now dependent of the alignment, which allows snapping of text at the side to which it's aligned
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