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==Inkscape 0.48==
#REDIRECT [[Release notes/0.48]]
===Highlights in this release:===
*Spray Tool
*Device CMYK
*Rewritten Node tool
===Spray Tool===
*Spray Copy mode
*Spray Clone mode
==Other Features==
* Arch paper sizes are added in the Document Properties dialog
* Displaying the '''font samples''' in the drop-down list of the Text tool is now optional. In Inkscape Preferences, go to Tools, Text, and uncheck "Show font samples in the drop-down list" if you don't want to see the samples. This will speed up displaying the list the first time you open it.
* Items in the File > Open Recent menu, when mouseovered, show tooltips with the full URI of each file in the list. Also, files that are in the list but are missing or unaccessible are automatically hidden.
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