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subject line for email: Inkscape Announces 0.43 Release :: :: Draw Freely.

Inkscape Announces 0.43 Release ::

Inkscape 0.43 is now available, thanks to the work of many developers and the sponsorship of Google's Summer of Code program to four students. The main new features in this release are:

   * Connectors:  Objects can be connected using auto-routing lines.
   * Inkboard Collaborative Editing:  You can connect to other Inkscape users over a network and edit a shared document.
   * Pressure and Tilt Sensitivity: The calligraphy tool may now use a tablet pen with pressure and tilt support.
   * Better Node Editing:  You can now drag, bend, and stretch a Bezier curve by any point and not only by a node.
   * New Extensions: There are now extensions for envelope distortion, whirling, and adding nodes.
   * SVG Compliance: There is now additional support for the viewBox element improving SVG compatibility. 
   * There is an online book, "A Guide to Inkscape", available at, which has been updated to cover the 0.43 features.

Download Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X packages:

For many more details, see the complete Release Notes for 0.43:

Community submitted screenshots: