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Inkscape 0.38

The focus of this release has been our Bug Hunt. Of the 57 open bug
reports at the time of our last release, only 12 remain; of the 107 bugs
submitted during this bughunt, all but 17 are now closed; the ratio of
open to total bugs went down from 33% to 10%.  Of the 285 bugs reported
since the inception of the project, fewer than 30 remain.  In total,
over 135 bug reports were closed during the Bug Hunt.  Countless other
bugs were discovered by the developers and exterminated on the spot
without ever going into the tracker. We are especially appreciative of
the many users who have helped us identify the various bugs and verify
the solutions. 

Aside from bugfixes, a good deal of new features and usability
enhancements went into this release:

* Text and fonts: full kerning and spacing support, better installed
  font detection, better alternate font matching, better usability
* Path operations: new commands to cut paths, less distortions, better
* Gradients: full support for multi-stop gradients, bugfixes
* Shape tools: polygons, dramatically better usability with the top
  panel, bugfixes
* Libinkjar: a library for compound document support of packaged SVG and
  PNG files
* Pure usability: canvas autoscrolling, accelerated scrolling, inversion
  for visibility, more intuitive cut-and-paste, per-object selection
  indication, save dialog, new icons
* Paraphernalia: new and expanded tutorials, clipart, translation

For more details, see the Release Notes for 0.38:


Download your packages (Linux and Windows):