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<a name="plugins"></a>Inkscape Plugins, Scripts, and Templates

  • Inkboard plans to add a shared whiteboard function to Inkscape via XMPP (used by Jabber). With Inkboard, a local copy of a diagram can be edited "live" by other users you are chatting with.
  • SVGSlice allows a high-quality SVG image to be directly sliced into bitmap graphics.

<a name="outsidetut"></a>Outside Tutorials and Tips

Similar Applications




Adobe SVG Viewer

Mozilla/Firefox SVG

Opera Webbrowser SVG Support

See Also

SVG Implementations at the W3C - Inkscape is not on their list, but Sodipodi is.

SVGGeneralInformation on a separate page.

Transcribers/Platform Optimizers


Open Clip Art Library




(version >= 2.8 include a good mozilla SVG plugin)
  • Contact
    • #librsvg or #librsvg


LittleCMS (Color Management System)

  • Website
  • Contact
    • mailing list on


A nice ps to svg converter written in postscript. Cannot handle text.


  • Website
    • Libwmf provide the wmf2svg script we use for the extension.


  • Website
  • Description:
    • Vector font editor and converter (ps,TTF, ...).
    • Interesting feature that could be imported in inkscape: allow to modify curves by draging the curve itself.
    • (feature needed - an utility can be distributed with FontForge - an open .ttf viewer and printer like KeyTypeBook for MacOS Classic (7.0 to 9.6) )
    • (w32 MinGW version (instead of Cygwin) of FontForge is missing)

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