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** [http://www.svg.org/special/svg_phones A growing list at svg.org]
** [http://www.svg.org/special/svg_phones A growing list at svg.org]
** [http://www.ikivo.com/02player_phones.html Phones with the Ikivo Player]
** [http://www.ikivo.com/02player_phones.html Phones with the Ikivo Player]
** [http://developer.sonyericsson.com/site/global/docstools/multimedia/p_multimedia.jsp Sony Ericsson developer site] include SVG guidelines (Inkscape is in the list of recommended tools).
=== See Also ===
=== See Also ===

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Inkscape Plugins, Scripts, and Templates

  • Inkboard plans to add a shared whiteboard function to Inkscape via XMPP (used by Jabber). With Inkboard, a local copy of a diagram can be edited "live" by other users you are chatting with.
  • SVGSlice allows a high-quality SVG image to be directly sliced into bitmap graphics.

Outside Tutorials and Tips

Similar Applications




Adobe SVG Viewer

Mozilla/Firefox SVG

Opera Webbrowser SVG Support

Mobile phones

There are millions of phones sold with SVGt 1.1 support and the SVGt 1.2 phones will soon hit the market.

See Also

SVG Implementations at the W3C - Inkscape is not on their list, but Sodipodi is.

SVGGeneralInformation on a separate page.

Transcribers/Platform Optimizers


Open Clip Art Library




(version >= 2.8 include a good mozilla SVG plugin)
  • Contact
    • irc.gnome.org #librsvg or irc.gimp.org #librsvg


LittleCMS (Color Management System)

  • Website
  • Contact
    • mailing list on sourceforge.net


A nice ps to svg converter written in postscript. Cannot handle text. http://thunder.prohosting.com/~rshi/svg/


  • Website
    • Libwmf provide the wmf2svg script we use for the extension.


  • Website
    • fig2vect convert from fig format (used by Xfig) to several formats including SVG (BSD license).


  • Website
  • Description:
    • Vector font editor and converter (ps,TTF, ...).
    • Interesting feature that could be imported in inkscape: allow to modify curves by draging the curve itself.
    • (feature needed - an utility can be distributed with FontForge - an open .ttf viewer and printer like KeyTypeBook for MacOS Classic (7.0 to 9.6) )
    • (w32 MinGW version (instead of Cygwin) of FontForge is missing)

Uber converter / Vectorsection

  • Vectorstation is an open-source collection of programs which form a universal vector-graphics translation system


  • UniConverter is in some way a substitution to Vectorsection. Currently it's based on sK1 code, but soon will be separated so that other applications could easier reuse it.


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