Python modules for extensions

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This module encapsulates the basic behavior of a script extension, allowing the author to concentrate on manipulating the SVG data. The module provides an class Effect(). was originally designed to provide the Effect (filter) extension type, but has been used for Input/Output extensions simply by overriding additional class methods.


  • effect(): override with document processing code.
  • affect(): actuate the script.
  • xpathSingle(path): an xpath wrapper to return a single node.
  • uniqueId(old_id, make_new_id = True): return an id that is unique in the document given a proposed id.


  • document: DOM document
  • selected: a list of nodes that were selected in inkscape
  • doc_ids: all of the ids used in the document
  • options: options passed to the script


an obscure set of tools for dealing with musical scales.