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(A community developed plan to add PDF/PS support to Inkscape.)
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* PrintingSubsystem
* PrintingSubsystem
* [[Roadmap]] (Milestone 11) Import/Export Feature Enhancements
* [[Roadmap]] (Milestone 11) Import/Export Feature Enhancements
* Uberconverter
* [[http://scratchcomputing.com/projects/uber-converter/ Uberconverter]]

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Bryce has pointed out that good PDF/PS support is the #1 feature need for Inkscape right now (in his 2005.11.30 email to the inkscape lists). This ConsensusPoll exists to enable the community to efficiently create and commit to a plan of action to resolve this issue.


  • >= 20 inkscape enthusiasts
  • >= 4 developers with commit access
  • >= 95% yes
  • all conditions in plan are met
  • 72 hour GO timer
  • 80% cloture


Because this contract defines what it means to participate in this poll it will never be changed. If it turns out to be inadequate, this poll must be canceled and a new poll with a new contract must be drafted.

Yes/No Poll

Participation in this poll is open to anyone who wants to participate.

Voting yes in this poll means that you believe the community created plan is ready for implementation, and that you will do your part to support its execution. Voting no in this poll means that you have outstanding concerns about the community created plan. You can change your vote at any time. All votes are transparent so that those voting yes can listen to the concerns of those voting no.

No ... BrandonCsSanders - There is no plan yet


/There is no plan at this time/

Background Information

Adequate Technical Solutions

What solutions would be fine?

Possible Strategies

  • Raise money and hire a mercenary to attack and kill it for us, hardcore style.
    • Collect pledges, once we are over threshold collect funds (http://fundable.org/)
    • Need to decide what the funds would be spent on ahead of time
    • Mercenaries that would do this for us?
      • BrandonCsSanders ... I'd do it for $2000, half up front, half once it meets spec. Caveat: it would take me six months to complete because my plate is pretty full right now and I'll be snatching a week here and a week there.
      • /other mercenaries?/
  • Use Cairo as the presentation layer and use its support for pdf/ps
  • Pull out the scribus pdf support into a libpdf that can be shared by both scribus and Inkscape
  • /other strategies?/


  • What about what inkscape earned through SoC? What's the status of this?
  • Does Cairo have pdf export already? What about to use cairo for just this job? and later then use cairo for the whole presentation layer? Instead of creating an interims solution?
  • Investigate ps2ai, pstoedit and ai2svg conversion options (potential EPS support?)
  • Import of native Adobe Illustrator files
  • Other RFE's related to Import/Export?
  • Add extension for use of VDX2SVG (http://vdxtosvg.sourceforge.net/)
  • Add extension for use of PDF2SVG (http://www.solidcode.net/pdf2svg/)
  • WebDAV?/FTP support via GNOME-VFS, Neon, or the like