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Looks like Inkscape does not have a dialog to set all kinds of options and preferences. I propose to take the current "Display settings" dialog, rename it to Options or Preferences (DONE), and put all program's (not document's) changeable options there.

I propose that we build this dialog using GTKMM in an upcoming release on our Roadmap. --jon

UPDATE: all of the below is implemented except those items marked (TODO)


  • Grab sensitivity: [options.cursortolerance] px

Tooltip: "How close you need to be to an object to be able to grab it with mouse (in pixels)"

  • Click/drag threshold: [options.dragtolerance] px

Tooltip: "Maximum mouse drag (in pixels) which is considered a click, not a drag"

(TODO) Bindings

  • (TODO) Options to redefine at least 2nd and 3rd mouse buttons (with modifiers?); each may select from this pool of functions:
    • zoom in/out
    • context menu
    • pan canvas
    • (?) temporary selector drag (even if you are in another tool)
  • (TODO) Use Emacs format for keys (checkbox) (so it displays e.g. C-S-M-e instead of Ctrl+Shift+Alt+e everywhere)


  • Arrow keys move by [options.nudgedistance] pt

Tooltip: "Pressing an arrow key moves object or node by this distance."

  • <, > scale by [???] pt

Tooltip: "Pressing < or > scales selection by this increment."

  • Inset/Outset by [options.defaultoffsetwidth] pt

Tooltip: "Inset and Outset commands displace the path by this distance."

  • Rotation snaps every {drop-down: 90 deg|45 deg|...|3.75 deg} [options.rotationsnapsperpi = 2|4|...|48]

Tooltip: "With Ctrl, rotation snaps every step; pressing [ or ] rotates by this amount."

  • Zoom in/out by [options.zoomincrement]*100%

Tooltip: "Zoom tool, +/- keys, middle click zoom in and out by this multiplier"


  • Mouse wheel scrolls by [options.wheelscroll] px

Tooltip: "One mouse wheel notch scrolls by this distance (horizontally with Shift)."

  • Ctrl+arrows
    • Scroll by [options.keyscroll] px

Tooltip: "Press Ctrl+arrow key to scroll by this distance."

    • Acceleration [options.scrollingacceleration]

Tooltip: "Pressing and holding Ctrl+arrow will gradually speed up scrolling (0 for no acceleration)."

  • Autoscroll
    • Speed [options.autoscrollspeed]

Tooltip "How fast the canvas autoscrolls when you drag beyond canvas edge (0 to turn autoscroll off)."

    • Threshold [options.autoscrolldistance]

Tooltip "How far you need to be from the edge to trigger autoscroll; positive is outside the canvas, negative is within the canvas"


  • (LATER) "Zoom drawing if window size changes", make this global, on by default, remove from each windows' corner
  • Dialogs on top {drop-down: None, Normal (default), Aggressive} [options.transientpolicy = 0, 1, 2]

Tooltip: "None: dialogs are treated as regular windows; Normal: dialogs stay on top of document windows; Aggressive: same as Normal but may work better with some window managers."

  • Dialogs in taskbar {checkbox} [!options.dialogsskiptaskbar]

Tooltip: "Do not show dialog windows in the window manager taskbar."

  • Save window geometry {checkbox} [options.savewindowgeometry]

Tooltip: "Save the window size and position with each document (only for SVG with extensions)."

(TODO) Locations

  • Module directory locations (where to look for modules)
  • Default open, save, import, export dirs?
  • Additional dirs for the user's own templates, gradients, markers, swatches...


  • Oversample bitmaps

Can anyone give an insight of what this thing does? It has no visible impact on the bitmap rendering

it's for exporting. I'd love this feature if it worked.

(TODO) Units

    • global or per-document
    • ruler units
    • coordinate statusbar units
    • other places


  • (TODO for Ted) Default save format: {same list as in Save dialog}
  • (TODO for Ted) Add filename extensions automatically {checkbox}
  • (TODO) Auto save: on/off, frequency
  • Max recent documents [options.maxrecentdocuments]

Tooltip: "The maximum length of the recent documents list in the File menu."


  • Default bitmap resolution [dialogs.export.defaultxdpi]

Tooltip: "The default resolution in the Export dialog."

  • (TODO) Options to manage per-item resolution and filenames


Those that are likely to be global and constant, not those that need to be changed often; the latter should go to SecondaryToolbar (aka top panel). Some options however can be present both here and in the SecondaryToolbar.

  • Selector: everything from "tool options" for this tool
    • (TODO) make preserve/optimize switch global, affecting not only selector but any transformations
  • (LATER) Rectangle: size of the default shape inserted by Ins
  • (LATER) Ellipse: size of the default shape inserted by Ins
  • (TODO) Star: Defaults: sides, sharpness, star/polygon checkbox [to be stored in*]
  • (TODO) Spiral: Defaults: revolution, expansion, inner radius [to be stored in*]
  • (TODO) Calligraphic: Defaults
  • Freehand: default tolerance [tools.freehand.pencil tolerance] (also in its top panel)

(TODO) Template

This tab should display and make editable the content of <group id="template"> in the prefs (zoom, center of view, window size and position). There must also be a button "Take from current document".

(TODO) Commands


When original is deleted:

  • unlink clones
  • delete clones
  • ask me

When original is moved:

  • move clones as per transform
  • move clones in sync
  • preserve position of clones


Initial threshold [options.simplifythreshold]

Tooltip: "How much the Simplify command distorts the path. Pressing Ctrl+L repeatedly will gradually increase the threshold; calling Simplify after a pause will reset the threshold to this value."