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The Paintbucket Toolbar is a set of graphical widgets used to fill a shape.




  • Fill by: Type of filling to apply to the shape
  • Threshold: The maximum allowed difference between the clicked pixel and the neighboring pixels to be counted in the fill
  • Grow/Shrink by: The amount to grow (positive) or shrink (negative) the created fill path
  • Close gaps: Size of gaps to ignore
  • Reset: Reset paint bucket parameters to defaults (use Inkscape Preferences > Tools to change defaults)


  • /tools/paintbucket/autogap: Close gaps parameter as Boolean
  • /tools/paintbucket/channels: Fill by parameter as Integer
  • /tools/paintbucket/offset: Grow/shrink by parameter as Double
  • /tools/paintbucket/offsetunits: Grow/shrink by unit parameter as String
  • /tools/paintbucket/threshold: Threshold parameter as Integer

Actual behaviours:


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