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This page identifies exactly what sort of PDF support Inkscape needs. This information is essential to complete the plan for the PrintingConsensusPoll.

  • Arbitrary .pdf and .ps files can be opened or imported directly into an inkscape document in exactly the way that .svg files are imported.
    • All shapes are editable
    • All text is rendered in the same font as the original .pdf
    • All text is appropriately sequential (multi-column pdfs are handled correctly)
    • Arbitrary "page to import" is selectable for multi-page documents.
  • Arbitrary .svg files can be "saved as" .pdf files
    • What does the .pdf rendering model have that .svg does not?
    • What does the .svg rendering model have that .pdf does not?
    • Perhaps you would like to help EricWilhelm fill-out this table: xar/svg/ps/pdf/crs features (contact me to get the YAML source)
  • Hyperlinks in the PDF file are preserved in the SVG.
  • Exporting the SVG to .png produces a pixel accurate ...
  • ... please refactor and refine ...