Output format requirements

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Inkscape's extensions allow for importing and exporting non-SVG file types and direct editing of the current SVG document. For more information about the Extensions that appear in the Effects menu read Getting Effects Working.

Open *.TXT

  • install perl
  • install SVG perl module

Open *.AI

Save *.AI

  • requires pstoedit with the ps2ai filter
  • uses Inkscapes internal ps output extension

Open *.PS

  • requires skconvert python script from sketch =>> install sketch

Open *.WMF

Save *.PDF (Win32)

   @echo off
   REM edit %GSDIR% to match the ghostscript installation directory
   set GSDIR=%PROGRAMFILES%\gs\gs8.51\
   set GSBINDIR=%GSDIR%bin
   set GSLIBDIR=%GSDIR%lib
   ps2pdf.bat %1 -
  • edit pdf_output.inx
       <name>PDF Output</name>
       <dependency type="extension">org.inkscape.output.ps</dependency>
       <dependency type="executable" location="extensions">ps2pdf.cmd</dependency>
           <filetypename>Adobe PDF (*.pdf)</filetypename>
           <filetypetooltip>Adobe Portable Document Format</filetypetooltip>
           <command reldir="extensions">ps2pdf.cmd</command>

Save *.XCF