Open Issues (0.44)

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Status of Inkscape in preparation to release 0.44.

Unfinished features

Feature Assignee Status
Snapping ? need to: fix the freezing when dragging multiple selected

objects ([1]) and write the release notes for the new stuff

Speedup patch knutux stabilization (no known issues)
Screenshots/Tutorials ? ?
Extensions on Windows ? still don't work for lack of PyXML
help text for extensions ? ?
WIN: dialogs on top ? ?
SIOX tracing and ODG


? ?
DOM ? ?


Open bugs from which should be resolved prior to release

Id Description Assignee Status
Priority 9
1436945 WinXP: Program Crashes when opening nobody unknown
1431712 WINXP: Second 'Open' operation hangs the program. nobody not reproducible?
1447658 [WEB SITE] Mac OSX development binaries won't download nobody lower priority?
1465500 win2k: crash when closing document properties dialog nobody unknown
Priority 8
1459502 Crash on imported image update (during Gimp save) nobody unknown
1349761 Inkboard: inkscape crashes when trying to connect nobody libloudmouth issue?
1244836 use newer glib2 on official build system nobody unknown