OpenDocument SVG Correspondence

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Section 9.2 (pp275-) of the OpenDocument specification (available at is the most obviously related to SVG.

9.2 Drawing Shapes

9.2.1 Rectangle

draw:rect element: svg:rect (

draw:corner-radius attribute: rx. (OpenDocument has no equivalent of specifying both rx and ry, so we may forbid specifying ry in OpenDocument SVG fragments.)

9.2.2 Line

draw:line element: svg:line (

9.2.3 Polyline

draw:polyline element: svg:polyline (

svg:points attribute: points. The OpenDocument specification is (at first glance at least) ambiguous as to whether coordinates can contain units, whereas the SVG spec disallows units.

The OpenDocument standard allows specifying a svg:width and/or svg:height attribute, but says that these "may" be ignored. The SVG 1.1 standard does not allow specifying width or height attributes other than for rect, image, foreignObject, and a few other things (see

Similarly, the OpenDocument standard allows specifying svg:x and svg:y attributes (though doesn't mention their interpretation; probably ignored); whereas the SVG 1.1 spec allows x and y attributes on only a few elements (typically those that don't otherwise specify their position).