Notes on Packaging for OS X

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Current Status

Available download
XQuartz >= 2.5.1
Mac OS X >= 10.5.8 (compiled as 32bit app on Mac OS X 10.5.8)
Python 2.6 (32bit) (provided by OS X) for extensions
Known issues
clipboard conflict with XQuartz (pastes as bitmap)
language detection is faulty
missing: system fonts (fontconfig)
missing: UniConvertor support
missing: ps2pdf for Postscript input
partial: spellchecker limited to English dictionary
crash on second import from OpenClipArt in same session
crash on launch if incompatible color profiles are present (lcms1, encoding)
Known issues on specific versions of OS X
Leopard: requires XQuartz >= 2.5.1
Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks: extensions don't work out-of-the-box
Mavericks: XQuartz conflict with mutli-monitor setups
Scripts & Resources in 'packaging/macosx'
no support for Mac OS X >= 10.6 (can't be used as is to create new packages)
written for GTK+/X11 based application
missing: DMG with precompiled python packages (was hosted on modevia)
no updates for changes in upstream packages
no updates for known bugs (extensions, locale detection, fonts)
no options to support GTK+/Quartz


Provide packages built with GTK+/Quartz
no requirement for X11/XQuartz
OS integration (menubar, shortcuts, dock menu, proxy icon)
re-enable system fonts
improve language detection
improve cli usage
use Python 2.7 (64bit) (provided by OS X)
include ps2pdf, UniConvertor
include dbus (without launchd support) (0.91)
offer packages (installer) for additional extensions and required dependencies
User data (OS X guidelines <-> XDG spec)
inkscape profile folder in "$HOME/Library/Application Support/"
caches in "$HOME/Library/Caches"


Packages based on GTK3/Quartz
OS X integration based on native GTK3 features
support for HiDPI resolutions
multi-threading (OpenMP support in future version of clang)

Recent efforts

2012: Gellule Xg

  • Based on trunk (lp:inkscape r11619)
  • dependencies via MacPorts
  • ige-mac-integration for osx menubar
  • ige-mac-bundler for osx app
  • updated, obsolete, new
experimental, abandonded
simplified bundle structure
easier bundling (script is developed & maintained upstream)
extensions not working in app bundle
theming not yet included
Related blueprint
A quartz version for OS X
Related branch
Releated threads
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Releated reports
Bug #738973: Issues with inkscape-quartz blueprint
Bug #1042597: gtk-mac-bundler: include python modules (and runtime) for extensions
Bug #1043266: gtk-mac-integration support
Bug #1043279: gtk-mac-bundler issues
Bug #1045959: add DnD, 'Open with…' support for Dock & Finder icon
Bug #1045963: add gtk-themes support

2013: Valerio Aimale

  • Based on stable (lp:inkscape/0.48.x r9943)
  • dependencies via MacPorts
  • gtk-mac-integration for osx menubar, shortcuts, callbacks
  •, updated
  • script-based launcher (new)
Release Candidate (RC5), abandonded
feature complete (including extensions, theming)
extensions: includes ps2pdf and UniConvertor, uses system Python
based on stable, not ported to trunk
no source code available (RC builds cannot be recreated)
gtk-mac-integration uses Quartz handlers (-> conflicts with keyboard input)
depends on patched GTK+/Quartz stack for clipboard support
no pasting of text in GUI widgets (XML Editor crashes on paste)
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Related reports
Bug #1096996 Refreshed build system for Mac OS X
Bug #1097009 Better integration with Mac OS X OS
Bug #1097539 Actiavte the use of Meta|Command|WinFlag key for Mac Menu Accelerators
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2014: osxmenu

  • Based on (or cherrypicked from) Gellule's and Valerio's work
  • … (TODO: summary of changes)
experimental, wip
Related branch