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This page is outdated. It is kept for historical reasons, e.g. to document specific decisions in Inkscape development.

Proposals for New Features

Please think twice when you edit this page: we use Launchpad's blueprints for all this now.

This page is for links to pages describing concepts, proposals, and specs for new features, major architectural changes, large scale codebase refactorings, etc. As they are implemented, these links should be moved to more appropriate areas of the Wiki. The idea here is to enable everyone to hash out requirements and design of a potential new feature in detail prior to implementation. See also:

Developer manual and Roadmap.

  • Bottom Toolbar update proposal: Outlines my proposal for a UI facelift for the Bottom Tool bar. Also introduces a new mode of operation for the palette itself.
  • A user's list of suggestions/wishes: I recently finished a web project using Inkscape (mainly). This is a list of the things I wished it had, the things I liked but wanted to tweak and other observations as I was working. Perhaps it will help the programmers to see what a designer sees. I hope.
  • InkscapeNeeds
  • FeatureNotePad: use this for small notes and enhancement ideas, or for temporarily dumping feature requests (e.g. from mailing lists) before they are thought over, categorized, and put into pages of their own

Review Inkscape RFE's and SodiPodi's Tasks

Please review the following links, extract ideas, and develop them further for inclusion and discussion on this WIKI page.

  • Inkscape RFE's
  • SodiPodi Task List -- I think this link is outdated and leads to a wrong page. The newest release of Sodipodi is of june 2004. Although there is some activity on the svn uploads I would recommend removing this link or replacing it by Sodipodi on Sourceforge. --Gman beginner 22:34, 13 July 2009 (UTC)