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'New from template' dialog's specification

Page : NewFromTemplateSpec


Long-time users tend to keep a great deal of templates around. Inkscape allows to pick templates from a simple submenu which isn't flexible enough.

Implementing a Scribus-like New From Template (further as NFT) dialog with additional search capability would help keeping templates organized and easily accessible.



Definition of template : ClipTemplates.

Abstract : templates are svg files included in « /usr/.../inkscape/templates/ ». Others templates can be easily adds in « ~/.inkscape/templates ».


Listing of attributes for each templates:

must be set
  • a default english name (en: desktop 1024x768)
  • a category
if necessary
  • some translations of the name (fr: fond d'écran 1024x768)
  • a description in english
  • some translations of the description
  • some keywords
  • a Licence
  • a date
  • name(s) of author(s)
  • an email address
  • a website link


Every template must have an default english name. If name is not set, the file name will be displayed.

Default english name:

   inkscape:template-name="desktop 1024x768"

French translation:

   inkscape:template-name-fr="fond d'écran 1024x768"


Templates must be categorized. That's why we must add a new attribute named « category » into every templates svg files. This attribute will allow the NFT dialog to only display categories with at least one template.

Use "/" for subcategories. You can put more than one /. Examples: "Covers/CD/Front" ; "Covers/CD/Back"

Use " " between words and not "_". Examples: "Paper sizes" and not "Paper_sizes"

Binnette: "Do we have to traduce categories names ?"


  • if you make a new CD cover template, you have to put:
  • if you make a new paper sizes template:
   inkscape:template-category="Paper sizes"

Q: Should we use underscore between words ? like "Paper sizes"


Those keywords can be used in order to research a template. For example if you type "Desktop" in the search entry of the NFT dialog, it will show you all template witch contain the keyword "Desktop"

Binnette : " I think that keywords are optionals, because they must be traduced in too many languages. And there is categories in order to find templates".


Only in english notation : 10/23/2005"

Structure in SVG files

   inkscape:template-name="Web banner 728x90"
   inkscape:template-name-fr="Bannière Web 728x90"
   inkscape:template-description="A banner for a website, size: 728x90 px"
   inkscape:template-description-fr="Une bannière pour site web, taille : 728x90 px"
   inkscape:template-licence="GNU GPL"
   inkscape:template-authors="Albin, Binnette, John"

Current categories

From ClipTemplates.

  • Covers
    • CD
      1. CD_cover_300dpi.svg
    • DVD
      1. DVD_cover_regular_300dpi.svg
      2. DVD_cover_slim_300dpi.svg
      3. DVD_cover_superslim_300dpi.svg
      4. DVD_cover_ultraslim_300dpi.svg
    • TAPE
      1. no file
    • VHS
      1. no file
  • Desktops
    1. desktop_1024x768.svg
    2. desktop_1600x1200.svg
    3. desktop_640x480.svg
    4. desktop_800x600.svg
  • Labels
    1. no file
  • Backgrounds (Q: Is this the same category as Desktop ?)
    1. no file
  • Banners
    1. no file
  • Icons
    1. icon_16x16.svg
    2. icon_32x32.svg
    3. icon_48x48.svg
    4. icon_64x64.svg
  • Paper sizes
    1. A4_landscape.svg
    2. A4.svg
    3. business_card_85x54mm.svg
    4. business_card_90x50mm.svg
    5. Letter_landscape.svg
    6. Letter.svg
  • Videos
    1. video_HDTV_1920x1080.svg
    2. video_NTSC_720x486.svg
    3. video_PAL_720x576.svg
  • Slideshows
    1. LaTeX_Beamer.svg
  • Web
    • Buttons
      1. no file
    • Banners
      1. web_banner_468x60.svg
      2. web_banner_728x90.svg
  • Fonts
    1. fontforge_glyph.svg
  • Template themes
    1. no file
  • Others (and uncategorized)
    1. black_opaque.svg
    2. white_opaque.svg
    3. no_borders.svg
    4. no_layers.svg
  • Default (Files in this category will not appear in NFT dialog. Only the good language will appear)
    3. default.cs.svg
    5. default.eo.svg
    12. default.ja.svg
    14. default_mm.svg (don't respect spec ! must be renamed
    17. default.pt_BR.svg (oK, it's Portuguese Brazil)
    18. default_pt.svg (don't respect spec ! must be renamed
    20. default.svg (in English)
about languages

About Portuguese Brazil. See the list of language in the User Profile that wiki (pt-br) or locale bash pt_BR. I think that only BR may conflict with other language. Also use about.pt_BR.svg .. RFC1766 meta-tag in HTML4 or history ... Acceptable change to BR only if there is a conflict with another BR.


Types of templates

NFT dialog provides access to both static and dynamically created (procedural) templates. Static templates are simple SVG files. Dynamically created templates are scripts like Perfect-Bound Cover. See GUI mockup section below for GUI considerations.



Scribus NFT dialog is really good ! We have to reproduce this dialog. Uses tabs: tab 1 for custom and tab 2 for templates.


Mockup of NFT dialog for static templates:


Mockup of NFT dialog for procedural templates:


Behind the curtains


Integration with ccHost

ccHost is deprecated ! prefer GetHotNewStuff

Integration with GetHotNewStuff

Q: what is it ?

see also :

NFT as menu item

Future improvements

In case someone comes up with a decent web service to host updatable templates, the dialog should notificate on updates and allow grabbing updated versions.