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Multipage support

  • this feature is currently not implemented
  • this page describes how the feature should be implemented
  • there should be multiple pages within a document
  • problem arises when saving to singlepage file formats (jpg, png, etc)
  • SVG does not support multipage per se, but upcomming SVG will do [see]

multipage in the SVG standard

  • All pages are contained within a single pageSet element. A pageSet may contain any number of page elements. Each page element defines a single container of graphical objects.
  • In a screen-based user agent, only one page element is displayed at any time on the main canvas.
  • The SVG content typically defines a page dimension or aspect ratio in the topmost svg element and its viewBox. The viewBox transformation applies to printed SVG in the same way as screen display.
  • The orientation of each page element can be controlled by the page-orientation property. This enables the content to define whether a portrait or landscape mode is used for display and printing.
  • There are two contrary implementattions in the real world:
 * distribute pages around the graphics elements - the Adobe way
 * distribute graphics elements around the pages - how Corel does it and how SVG propose it

multipage ala Corel

  • there is a list of pages as tabs on the lower side of the drawing window
  • all pages share the same page properties
  • a master page contains elements that are visible on all other pages: drawings, markers
  • in an object browser pages and layers are integrated
  • see a screenshot [here]

Multi-page tool(similar to Artboard tool on adobe illustrator cs4).

  • see this adobe tutorial [here]
  • there is an [video] by Valessio Brito presenting an UI mockup how multipage can be handled in inkscape


  • see this thread
  • all export dialogues must becom extra properties to handle multiple pages, in order to specify not only the elements but also the pages to be exported