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Place and Time

We meet in #inkscape-devel on freenode.

Board meetings are typically the first Friday of each month.

Everybody in the Inkscape community is invited to participate.

Next meeting: 10:00 PST/18:00 UTC/19:00 CET, (click for world clock), Fri, 1st Dec, 2017.

Meetings should be announced in advance on inkscape-devel and inkscape-board mailing lists.


  • Board election debrief
    • Updating nomination/election rules as needed [ted]
  • Infrastructure backup/alternate hosting
    • (DONE) Send out sponsorship solicitation [bryce]
  • Sponsor acceptance policy
  • Preliminary preparations for 0.93 [tav]
    • Fix GPLv3 licensing (gimp widgets)
    • Gtk3 migration status / todo's?
    • Release management advice/review [tav]
  • 2017 Budget
    • (DONE) Organize vote on budget
  • Merchandise sales
    • Spreadshirt account ready to go, but we're not using it
    • Evaluate self-serve merchandise sales - spreadshirt, cafepress, Golden Ribbon, Think Penguin or similar [Mc]
    • Password has been changed, no longer accessible
  • Future meetings/hackfests.
    • Inkscape Hackfest 2018 - March 26th-30th (Boston, USA)
    • LGM 2018 - April 26th-30th (Seville, Spain) Google may be sponsoring attendance for hacking on Variable Width fonts.
    • GUADEC 2018 - July (Ameria, Spain) GTK conference
  • Other Business

Other Agenda Items

  • Welcome new Board Members
    • Add new GPG keys for credentials repository [Mc], [Cr]
  • Should we add officer positions
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Vetter (need better name...)
  • Funded development [bryce]
    • Identify Manager/Reviewer/Second for each of the jobs
    • How should we advertise the jobs?

Action Items

  • Merchandise Sales
    • Get doctormo and prkos added as shopkeepers
  • Future hackfests
    • Hackfest organizational tips (Need to document this someplace)
      • Process: Have folks propose options, and then trade off cost projections and benefits
      • Try to organize group lodging (same hotel, rented/air-bnb house, http://www.linuxhotel.de/community.en.html, etc.)
      • Send a scout ahead of time to help avoid slummy accommodations
      • Catered lunches help keep everyone focused (we're already reimbursing on lunches, so cost differential isn't huge, and it saves hassle all around)
      • Boots on the ground at a location can be a huge help if plans go awry
      • Prefer locations with local inkscape community on the ground
  • Finalization of Budget 2016 [bryce]
    • Update the budget, see what $$ remains in the hackfest fund [bryce]
  • Funded development [bryce]
  • Add a C++-11 conversion project with tasks detailed to the Roadmap for 0.93 or later. [valavanisalex]
  • Regularly check sponsor ads / sponsor mentions on the website:
    • Advance Systems: added Dec 9th, 2016
    • Deals Land UK: added June, 21st, 2017

Blocked Action Items

  • Privacy Policy [drmo] ~ Blocked waiting on time availability by SFC
  • Amend CoC reporting section ~ Waiting until we have a dedicated email, e.g. abuse@inkscape.org

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